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Thorny Polling answers.

As many of you know, if you've been around here for some time, I'm unable to resist taking polls on my friends' pages. I used to post the questions/answers here as well as a sort of cross-posty thing, which fell by the wayside simply because I've been really stressed lately. It's been easier to just tic my choices and submit, than to try to articulate why I chose the way I did.

But this latest poll at LJ-friended Ms. Scarlet's Section of the Universe involves the latest developments in Buffy's personal life in the S9 comic. And for this reason, the rest is definitely under the cut with spoiler warning:

So, in Issue #6, Buffy has discovered that she is pregnant by an unknown guy (presuming that this isn't a mystical thingie, which we can't entirely know because this is the Buffyverse). She spends the issue wrestling with what to do and we have flashbacks of the similar situation Nikki Wood had, when she became pregnant with Robin [right down to not knowing the father's identity].

At the end of the issue, and after asking Spike to be with her during the procedure, Buffy has decided to abort her pregnancy as she doesn't feel ready for motherhood at this time in her life. Our poll involves her and Nikki's decisions:

Should a slayer have a baby?

1) I had to go with the (so far) majority and wimp out with the "depends on the Slayer" answer.

Should a slayer raise a baby?

2) Yeah, I had to do that again.

If a slayer has a child and decides to raise it, should she have the right to retire?

3) I had to choose 'not sure' for the retirement question. In theory, I'd agree that she should have that right... but on the other hand, as we've seen through Buffy and Angel, some bad guys are too bad to allow to bring their plots to fruition. In those extreme cases, I'd say that the Slayer should have a 'draft clause' when things are world-threatening dire. On the other hand, with the multitude of Slayers I would say that Buffy does have more right to retirement than Nikki had, even if an Apocalypse is nigh. Ugh, I'm confused.

In your opinion, was Nikki *portrayed* as a good mother?

4) I'd agree with the other comments that Nikki wasn't portrayed in such a good light as a mother. I understand her need to slay, but to throw herself in danger over every random vampire? Well... she could have tried harder to deny her calling. On the other hand, I did get the impression that this wasn't so much Nikki choosing to BE a Slayer, so much as a Slayer is WHAT SHE WAS first and foremost. This question actually harks back to Kendra's observation about Buffy at the end of "What's My Line" ... the difference between what a Slayer does and what a Slayer is... still, the comic wasn't very positive on Nikki, in my opinion.

In your opinion, was Nikki a good mother?

5) But, was Nikki a good mother regardless of the portrayal? I don't think we can know enough, so I had to go with 'not sure'. We only have Robin's memories and feelings to go on and a few brief flashes of her activities.

In your opinion, would Buffy be a good mother?

6) I believe Buffy would be an excellent mother. She's already proven that she can prioritize personal relationships over the 'crush, kill, destroy' desires of Slayerhood. And, she has cultivated and maintained a strong network of family to help her. I think she'd also find it easier to back away from the Slaying than Nikki did, just from what we've seen of their differences in personality and viewpoints.

Buffy should... (regarding the pregnancy)

7) I chose that Buffy should have the baby and raise it, because I see her choice as being about her not feeling like she could do a good job of it, and I don't believe she's correct for the above stated reasons. But, ultimately, this is Buffy's choice and I support her ultimate decision in this, whichever way the comic takes it.

A slayer who becomes a mom first obligation should be...

8) I'd be that 1-vote hanging out there in the wind ... I believe that Buffy's first obligation is the Slaying -- but I have a major caveat about it. As mentioned above, I don't think Buffy's obligations would extend to the nightly patrols. Motherhood would come before the usual stalking dark alleys. But, I do believe that she is obligated to 'drafting' for the world's sake when another apocalypse is on her doorstep. I don't think she'd be obligated, under my view, to jet-set around the world putting out minor monster mayhem, but I think she'd be obligated if Faith phoned up and said, "Look, I need you on this one, for reals" because she IS a Slayer.

And, just as a side note, I'm really glad that the comic has been broaching some really controversial topics in the pages of the comic that they'd never get away with on network TV. Also, I'm just going to add an update that I'm kinda-sorta working on the BTVS, S2 "Ted" review --- I have a lot of OT at work over this last week and into next, so that is why I haven't been up to date on my posting. After 'Ted' is posted, I'll be returning to Buck Rogers for 'Plot to Kill a City, PII' and then I'll be posting a 'Best of/Worst of' character moments posting... possibly two, since Buffy's behind in that, too. That's as far as I have planned, right now.


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