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Hi, All.

I'm thinking, first, that my next review will be BTVS. The TV episodes, not the comic book thing... which will actually be the Riley one shot.

Anywho, I've been reading two fanfics that I'm probably going to recommend when I'm done reading, but right now, I want to recommend a "Hottest Women of Horror" article because there are several which I like. Though, the reason I'm really recommending is - naturally - because Buffy is involved:


But, also, I'm glad to report that RINGERS is getting good again... in a Soapy sort of way. I mean, the only two characters I found interesting have been shunted off... Malcolm "visiting a cousin" and Gemma DEAD. But Siobhan and Bridget are in the same city and are hovering around one another, so that is sort of tense.

Supernatural continues to break my heart with Castiel still apparently quite dead and Bobby not only dead, but a ghost to boot. The 'idjit' went and stayed, despite my hopes that he would just go on with the Reaper.  At least, that is what is being implied. In the Supernaturalverse, ghosts only end up with one fate... evil. They may start off as helpful, but after awhile, they can't help themselves... the isolation, the pain, the seeing their loved ones moving on with life without them... it turns 'em into a vengeful thingie that has to be put down by hunters. And now, it appears that Bobby Singer chose to stay with Dean and Sam, rather than to accept his death.

I'm still hoping for a fake-out, because Bobby effing knows better! But, it isn't at all OOC for him to give up his afterlife in order to help the Winchesters. Oh, Bobby. Y'know, I love you Jim Beaver... but I'd rather your character just die already.

But, anyway. Let's see... weather-wise, we're back to above freezing in Michigan - frankly, awesome - even though I'd posted that posty about the snow. Thankfully, I didn't need to dig out the mailbox.

Let us see... um... OH, next review is going to be a Buffy the Vampire Slayer S2 review. I also believe I may have broken the long, hideous, Spanderverse blockage.
Y'see, the problem was that Razor turned out to be a bore. But, then in a flashbulb moment that took entirely too long, I realized that I could treat his attack on Sunnydale as a B-story... very much like the Apocalypse tale in "The Zeppo" from S3. In other words, I was always finding Tara's visiting her hometown with Willow for her father's funeral far more interesting than the 'demons attack Sunnydale' thing. And, as for Dawn and the Wisp... well, that was always meant to come in the NEXT story, so I was having trouble stretching her arc out in the current story.

I know. Now. I don't know why I kept wanting to force "equal time" among all the characters, when I know that sometimes a character arc is hovering for later in the background. DUH! I actually feel the same about Giles' trial, too. In order to avoid rehashing what has already been covered in BTVS and earlier Spanderverse, I have to let him go.

Anyway, it means I'm going to have to ditch some chapters and start rewriting from Tara's tale with only quick asides to the other characters' stories. I can't imagine why it took me so long to get to this realization, except that I feel this pathological sense of responsibility to give everyone "screen time", when sometimes it just plain isn't going to be appropriate.

Alas, I'm also dreaming about a Zombie Apocalypse story, which isn't helping me focus on my current Spander timeline. I mean, let's face it... don't we all go through a "how bad can it get" phase? I mean, don't YOU want to see how our characters might face the END. I keep returning to a self-insert storyline with Sam & Dean Winchester set in The Walking Dead-verse. And, I have this whole other timeline, where S7 of Supernatural takes place with a self-insert... which I'm avoiding like the plague, because it doesn't fit with Spanderverse. But, that isn't here nor there, except that I may or may not need to write a whole new story in an alterna-verse just to get it the F* out of my head.

Anywho. That is where I'm at. I need to go back through the few chapters of Spanderverse that I have written to cut out Dawn's, Riley's and Xander/Spike's tales in order to focus on Tara's story. Poor Riley. I really wanted to have a large role for him in this story against Razor, as well as Jonathon... but it is just in the way. Razor doesn't provide enough grist to create a multi-chapter story for.

So... next will be a BTVS, S2 review, unless I suddenly feel a impetus to write the whole Spanderverse tale, which I'm doubting. I mean I have a lot of it in my head, but I'm not sure I'm ready to type out the thing with the dialog and the editing and the re-working.

Also, I'm currently reading two stories that I'm sure are going to get recommendations: I'm not providing reviews yet, since one of them isn't quite finished, but the links are a Cas Saves Dean From Hell Fic & an Anya, Illyria and Castiel Meet Their Afterlife Fates fic... both of which I really enjoy. Show love and clicky.

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