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Best Of/Worst of our Characters -- SPN

Best Of/Worst of Sam and Dean

SPN: "Wendigo"

I Want to Hang Out with Our Brothers:

Dean: Dean is able to kill the Wendigo when his attempt to lead it away from the civilians and Sammy aren't successful. That is his best moment, but he has several nice ones also, in his concern for Sam's emotional pain in the wake of his girlfriend's murder.

Sam: Sam is the one who establishes what it is that they're facing, so they're ready to fight it with something effective. He's also the one to notice the shadow in the video that is a clue to their foe.

Sometimes Our Brothers are Buttheads:

Dean: Dean seems to take an immediate dislike to the Hunter/Guide for some reason, and he isn't very subtle about goading the guy for no real purpose. Jerk.

Sam: Sammy's whole attitude is a problem, but it's understandable. I think his lowpoint though is near the beginning of the episode. He's so impatient to get to the coordinates of the attacks, that he's ready to just head straight out there. If Dean hadn't insisted on gathering some information first, they would have been completely unprepared with useless guns and quickly been eaten or stored for later.

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