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Best of - Worst of Character Moments post

Hello, everyone!

Since I neglected posting anything for X-Mas, let me just wish everyone a holiday season filled with warmth and laughter.

Today's character moment post is going to be S1's animated-dummy episode, "The Puppet Show". This episode really ticked me off due to the direction and deliberate mis-leads and I wasn't very kind toward either during the review. I totally stand by that. In fact, I was so annoyed all over again when I reviewed my review for this post, that I downgraded the scoring by a quarter-point -- something that I have a serious aversion to (once it is reviewed, I don't want to be in the habit of shifting scores all over the place). But, anyway, on to our Character Moments:

Best of / Worst of Character Moments

Our Characters Shine!

Buffy: I've been impressed with Buffy's intuition and smarts in previous episodes, but this one I'm going to go with the physical. Her fighting off a fatal knife attack by Sid, while pinned beneath a heavy chandelier, was an impressive moment. She was cool under a "panic, now" situation and used what limited freedom she did have to best effect.

Giles: Rupert doesn't get to do very much in this episode, truth to tell. He's mostly comic relief in this one, and though his scenes are funny, I wouldn't call them shining moments for his character. I'll have to go with how quickly he identified which demon they'll be dealing with, if in fact Emily wasn't killed by a person. The possibilities would seem endless, but Giles knows his book-stuff.

Xander: Xan saved Giles' life! In that situation, someone else might have stood stunned for a moment at Rupert's danger and so been too late to stop it, but Xan instantly reacts and stops Rupert's demise in the knick of time.

Willow: Wills joins Xander is saving Giles' life by getting him untied before Xan loses his grip on that slippery rope holding the blade above Rupert's head. Go, Willow, with the life saving!

Cordelia: Cordelia is used for comedy relief throughout, and again, though amusing - she doesn't actually have any character moments that show her at her best.

Angel: No vampire in this episode.

Our Characters Anti-Shine:

Buffy: Buffy has a couple of moments in which she isn't exactly Slayer-ly. She screams in her room, she yelps behind the stage and she wigs out at the sight of Sid before she knows there is something weird going on with the dummy. But, I'm going to go with her being taken unawares by the great big flippin' chandelier hanging over her head. Not very observant for a girl who should be used to always being on the look out for danger, especially since she is actively hunting a killer in a dark and empty place.

Giles: I'm sorry, Rupert, but your excuse for spending more energy worrying about the Talent Show then finding the killer, organ stealing demon, is lame. I suggest working some Watcher overtime, if you're that concerned about keeping up appearances for Snyder.

Xander: Xander's standing on a table when he discovers Sid missing from his seat in the library was pretty embarrassing. Not the least which because he looks like he might have soiled himself a little, too. No matter how you look at it, the vampires have been much more terrifying and deadly than the ostensibly killer-doll.

Willow: Willow didn't have any actions that reflected badly on her. Okay, technically breaking into students' files is wrong, but considering her role as a Scooby I can make allowances.

Cordelia: Her self-involvement continues to reach cartoonish levels. I find the way she made Emily's murder all about her, and didn't even know the victim's correct name, pretty awful of her.

Angel: No Angel here.

As you can see, everyone comes off pretty well here. I'd say Cordy comes off worse, but that is because of her character design. I'm really more annoyed with Giles.


Edited to add that the next review will be "What's My Line", part I which I hope to have done tonight or tomorrow.
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