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My kind-of related to BTVS dream, which I just had

Wacky Dream Time, which kind of co-stars Spike and cameos Willow

Okay, first you need to know that I'm generally on sleeping medication for insomnia, which suppresses my dreaming, or at least I don't remember dreaming when I wake up. Because I want them to remain effective, I try not to take them when I don't have to work the following day, which is the situation today. This generally causes me to have these very vivid dreams, which I sometimes will then obsess over when I wake up, because they're this whole storyline (which never reaches a conclusion, because I always wake up, instead). This is one such dream, which I post because it is tangentially Buffy-related.

So, first in the real world before going to bed I was wearing black sweats and a dark blue T-Shirt:

Okay. So, in the dream I started at my real world work. I was reading a reply to an email I had also sent this morning in the real world, so it was obviously replaying in my head when I was dozing off. Anyway, in the dream, I'm reading the response from my (real world) boss, N.

Part of my job in the real world is to go in a few times during the night and check the temperatures in the server room (we sometimes have heating-cooling issues) and on Fri nights to run a client backup. In the dream, I went into this server room in order to start a backup. Except, instead of a server backing up, I was backing up an electric vehicle home charging unit (in the real world, they're a client, so I'm not going to name them -- but in the real world, these units don't have a back up drive, they're to feed power from your electric company into the EV battery). The EV charging unit, however, didn't look like our client's, but like a Liebert emergency battery pack, which we also use in the real world to provide emergency power to client servers we host. Oh, and it also backed up via VHS tape.

So, I go into the server room to start this back up via VHS of the emergency battery packs substituting as an EV charger, which doesn't actually have data backups.

While in there, I sense a disturbance in the force or something, which indicated to me that there was a spirit in the room with
me. I'm dressed in the sweatpants that I wore to bed in the real world, but in a plain white T (which I'd never get away with wearing to work), white sweatsocks and my silver-gray sneakers. I get a chill as the ghost comes closer and I'm freaking out.

Suddenly, I realize that I know a story about a ghost (a young, college aged guy) that supposedly haunts the server room and had committed suicide there some time previously.

I'm getting really freaked out, and try to leave, when suddenly I feel compelled to go up this short flight of stairs (which doesn't exist in the real world) which leads to these huge steam pipes, like in an industrial factory (also not in the real world). For some reason, I MUST get to this upper landing on the other side of the huge industrial room (not in the real world) by crawling up on a large A/C air chiller duct (which is in the real world server room, and during my daydreaming, I considered as a possible means to temporarily avoid the zombies should they break in... shut up, the zombie apocalypse could happen at any moment).

So, anyway... I'm starting to crawl across this A/C chiller ductwork thing, when I'm suddenly interrupted by... SPIKE! My hero comes in and breaks me out of what I now realized (within the dream) was a trance brought on by the ghost. I also realize that my immediate predecessor, a girl, also died in that room (yeah, for some reason in my dream, it just occurred to me that my immediate predecessor also managed to die in this room). She died in a freak accident in which she fell to the floor, and no one knows why she was up on the short landing I was trying to get to, because our job doesn't require us to go there. I also realize that the legend of the boy ghost stated that he fell while crawling on the ductwork that I'm currently wavering on... without explanation as to why he was up there in the first place.

Spike talks me down, and I'm able to reach the short stairs and then down to the floor safely. We go out into the hallway, except now I realize that not only do I work there, but I also have a dorm room there (in the real world, this is an office that my little crew used to have directly across from the second server room -- it has a huge glass door so everyone walking by could see in ... in the dream world, this was my dorm room, but it still had the no-privacy door with the full length window!! yikes, hope I didn't change often in there). Oh, as we're going in the hallway, some clients come in to... uh... do something, let's call it maintenance on some of their equipment. I have to act normal and smile a greeting, even though I'm totally bugged the hell out by my brush with the supernatural.

Spike and I hang out looking into the server room from the hallway for a moment not speaking. I suddenly have a flashback/POV (which in the real world wouldn't make sense since there is no way I could have witnessed this for myself -- I'm fanwanking my own dream to say there was some sort of psychic flash, which will make almost-sense in a second) in which I'm suddenly with WILLOW! (And, she happens to live in a real world house in a real world location on the service drive of the I-75/I-696 exchange between 11 mile and where 10 mile would be if it existed there. I've passed by this house when exiting onto the service drive from I-75 on the way to the parents if I go directly there from work, if it looks like traffic exiting 75 and entering onto 696 is backed up. I've never been inside it.)

Flashback!Willow is standing in a rather empty room, looking out on the road that passes by her. A little beyond this would be the sound-dampening wall that is supposed to keep it relatively quiet despite the major I-696 freeway. She seems in a trance as well... though I'm working late at night, and she's looking out on a gray afternoon... whatever.

(So, after I wake up in the real world, this is where I fanwank that I was getting a flashback of Willow's warning that I was going to be in trouble because of a mystical ghost thingie that happened while I was in the server room... NO, this doesn't exactly make sense, but there is no other way I could have had this flashback -- it's like a horrible directing choice where a character "remembers" scenes that they weren't actually present to witness.)

Anyway, in the dream, I ask Spike if Willow sent him, which he confirms. He tells me that we have to get out of there now, for reasons unexplained, but had something to do with my still being targeted by this ghost for whatever reason. We go into my dorm room (real life former office with that stupid no-privacy window) and in the window, I catch a glimpse of the ghost's reflection! I freak.

Spike grabs some random clothes, throws them into a blue backpack and we book out of there.

This next part was weird because I think I was supposed to be in my car, except the POV within the dream was as if I were flying instead -- there was no Spike in the passenger seat, no steering wheel... etc, etc. But, I somehow knew I was in my (real world) car.

Anyway, we book down the road (this is another real world road, except I'd drive it to and from work and the direction we were headed would be me traveling toward work, so it also doesn't make sense, except in the dream where logic isn't important ... anyway, the road is Jefferson, where it turns into what will be M-59 shortly, as it passes by Selfridge Air Base [see, I'm giving you all these details so you can google all about me and know how to stalk me... isn't that sweet] Except, in the real world there would be grassy road shoulder and then a side road and some light industrial buildings). In the dream, we drive around and up against this mountain face (which in the real world, I believe corresponds to I-75 again ... but much further south in Kentucky or Tennessee, where it cuts through mountain/rocky hills and there are warnings about rock slides).

In front of us suddenly is evidence of a rock slide, which causes me to slam on the breaks. Also, amid the rocks is cute little animals... standing in the road, staring at me and Spike! We have to get out in order to move the rocks and scare the animals off of the road so we can pass. Spike warns to do this fast, because this is the suicide boy's ghost's doing. We have squirrels, skunks, pygmy deer (which were skunk sized, so there is no way they'd actually exist in the real world), rabbits and something which I cannot remember, but caused me to exclaim "OH, C'MON! Those don't even exist in the United States!"

So, Spike and I clear the road and hop back in the car just in time to avoid one of the disturbed skunks spraying us with skunk-spray. I have another POV switch (which again, I should not have unless this is a TV show and we're showing it for the audience... but aren't) of the spray hitting my tail light as I slam on the gas and race past this obstacle.

Then suddenly, we're somewhere I didn't mean to steer the car (I believe we were supposed to be heading to Willow's house seen in the inappropriate flashback earlier ... also,  I know that I know this building in the real world, too, but I don't remember enough detail to identify it. I want to say it is a building in downtown Ferndale on 9-Mile that has been converted into partial offices, partial apartments ... but it could just be similar and I'm back filling).

We get out of the car, much to Spike's annoyance, except now it is early morning, but it is overcast enough for Spike to not combust... or even complain about combusting. But, then it is suddenly afternoon and bright sunlighty out. Spike still doesn't combust, so maybe that's why he wasn't complaining before... nevermind & whatever.

I suddenly get possessed again, and realize that I'm standing outside of the apartment building that the ghost boy used to live in. I suddenly have a pen and Post-It pad in my hand (yellow pad, black pen) and I'm writing a date. I know that it said 12/10 ... I'm almost sure, but not quite positive the year was 1957.

I come out of my trance and realize the ghost boy was murdered and this was the year it happened. He wants me to solve his murder, not hurt me, which is why he had me write this date and showed me where he lived. See in the story about him, his name wasn't known & it was more like an urban legend around work. Now, I'll have enough information to figure out who he was with some research (because ghosts never give you the story straight up in these mysteries ... even in real world movies).

I get chills down my back, as I realize that he didn't mean to murder my predecessor, either! He was trying to communicate with her just like with me, but she got wrapped up in his past, and fell/jumped to her death in simulation of his being pushed and falling to his death!

It all makes perfect sense!

But, then in the real world, I flippin' woke up! Now, I'll never know who he was or who killed him or why or how Willow and Spike were going to help me...! DAMN IT.

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