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Angel #30 review (Eddie's segment)

Angel #30

Eddie's Story Continued

"Eddie and the Crew: Intermission"

Story by: Bill Willingham & Bill Williams, Script by: Bill Williams, Art by: David Messina, Inked by: Gaetano Carlucci,
Colored by: Giovanna Niro, Lettered by: Neil Uyetake

Cover A: Jenny Frison

Where Eddie Is: Eddie is a Devil... which is different from a demon. He has two forms, human-looking and his usual blue skinned, tailed & horned self with elaborate skin patterning (or tattooing). Eddie is on a personal crusade for reasons unknown in which he is hunting down humans who sold out their own while L.A. was in Hell.

Page 19: Eddie has snuck him way into Deaver's operations. Mr. Deaver is the number two to the man Eddie actually is targeting, someone named Jacob Crane who he seems to have an antagonist relationship with from some time in the past.

Page 20: Eddie has made quick work of the goon squad, hired vampires. He's knocked Mr. Deaver unconscious and has secured him to a chair.

As he brings Deaver back to wakefulness, he informs him that he needs a invite to Mr. Crane's exclusive party, which is where Deaver comes in.

Commentary: Again, I really like the artwork for Eddie's segments, and I like his general look. The story seems too simplistic, however, which can be laid directly at how Eddie was introduced. Rather than having him in the background of Angel's title and then having his tale grow in importance as he gets closer to a confrontation with Angel Investigations, he's taken over four pages at the end of Angel's comic for the last few issues. Each of these 4-page tales is treated like a set piece, so while they serve his greater goal, they only tell particular scenes of his story, rather than providing a contiguous story.

Page 21: Eddie and Deaver reach an agreement in which Deaver gets Hope into the party past security (although, thus far he's had no trouble, so I'm not sure why that is necessary), in exchange for Deaver not being mangled and being allowed to go back to his life.

Deaver puts Eddie in a chef's uniform to get him past the entrance.

Page 22: Eddie gets past the gate, with Deaver's help. He knocks him unconscious and leave him in his expensive sports car to honor their deal.

Everyone assumes Eddie is a vampire, because that is what Deaver's help has been, but since he isn't - he doesn't need an invite to enter the premises and punches him way through the servant entrance security dude.

But, when he slips into the kitchen, the maître d’ already recognizes that he is Hope through his human form. He orders the other wait staff to take him into custody at gun point and then further orders the kitchen to be informed that there will be one more for dinner....

The Good: The artwork is great (but doesn't affect my story scoring).

The Bad: Nothing, really.

Other Thoughts: Again, it's the shortness of these segments that are the issue on an individual snippet by individual snippet basis. The tale might be more exciting when it can be read as a complete work. This issue particular suffers because it's a middle segment and Eddie's showing up, beating somebody up and killing others, and then moving to the next goal is becoming repetitive.

The Score: 3.0 out of 5


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