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'Tis the Season of Death....

So, television programs have given us our mid-season finales and there are three separate programs that I'm following that have killed off characters that traumatized me... WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING??

Ringer: They actually shot Gemma twice... the first time teasing us with a graze that she recovered from enough to take out the bad guy. She was awesome! But then, she went and tried to drive away without keys to the car and Charlie shot her again, killing her.


It is pretty cool that Siobhan returned to NY and blew Charlie away for killing her friend. The friend whose husband she was boinking and who she joked about killing herself months earlier. Bitch. But at least she avenged Gemma. I'm just so beyond the sorry to see her already gone -- please tell me there will be room for flashbacks somewhere.

The Walking Dead: FUCK. I was getting a bit tired of everyone searching for Sofia everyday, because it just wasn't striking me as credible that she could survive for days on end with the dead all over the forest. But, I did not see what they had planned until minutes before she came out of that barn... and the whole time, I wanted it to not be so. What a punch to the stomach.

Supernatural: The worse one. In the last two seasons, there has been a concerted effort to thin out the secondary cast and leave Sam and Dean with no one else to turn to (this is especially important in Dean's case, because Sammy is psychologically unstable as it is, so really Dean can't afford to have no one else to lean on). As mentioned in my review of the Pilot episode -- they've even taken Impala from him.

When Castiel apparently was killed early this season, I didn't really buy that he'd be gone-gone... he is an angel after all. But, now I'm just not so sure. THEY KILLED BOBBY.

It was a poignant and brilliant episode, building on hints to Bobby's back story that we've gotten before. And, though they left it hanging in the air, it seems pretty clear that he is dead. The only thing left to know is if he 'went into the light' with the Reaper, or chose to remain as a ghost for the boys, that will eventually and inevitably lead to his having to be salted and burned.

The episode was great. It was fine to see Rufus and the flashbacks to the boys laughing again... LAUGHING... remember when they used to do that?! And, the very clear statement that Bobby was the father that both boys always wished they'd have had and he felt the same toward them as his sons... *weep*.

I have a horrible feeling that this series is going to end with our boys dead... or at least Dean, while Sam may be left to try to build some semblance of normalcy, returning full circle to what he wanted at the series beginning.

American Horror Story: There are more dead characters than are alive on this show. I'm actually just mentioning this because the whole Ghost Baby/Possible Ushering in of Apocalypse is giving me a horrible feeling of "oops -- just lost it and jumped the shark" and I really want to be wrong. I'm enjoying this twisted psycho-sexual series and the spin that Dr. Harmon is actually seeing the Ghostly Housekeeper as she is, rather than as the sexpot that got herself shot through the eye was welcomed. Plus, I heart Jessica Lange and the number of tragic deaths that result in more and more ghosts being trapped by the house.

I can't wait for the new seasons... but I'm dreading it, too.
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