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With the latest movie review posted, "The Leech Woman", I've returned to Buffy for another episode review. It'll be Season 2's "Lie To Me".

I'm still holding on in "Ringer", and I'm liking that Malcolm is in New York now. It's also interesting that Charlie is working for real-Siobhan. I'm less sure about her involvement in whatever happened to Gemma, though -- it just seemed unnecessary if she's just trying to expose Bridget to get the "everyone thinks I'm dead" plan back on track. I do like the twist of the bland-Siobhan-mark now having met Bridget-as-Siobhan creating a complication for real-Siobhan in Paris.

I'm also still digging the evolving story of the ghosts in "American Horror Story".

Supernatural had me worried at first, because it looked like they were returning to basic stories we already saw told in S1/S2, so it just felt like they had run out of ideas. They've really avoided this though by doing new twists with these monsters and I like Sam being a stronger character and coming out from under Dean's over-protection, without being evil. I'm still not believing that Castiel is gone-for-good-gone, even though he really should be. And... more Bobby, please.

I'm also still holding on with The Secret Circle, which has been better than I thought it was going to be. This could have been a WB-Pretty-People soap, but the actors are raising the scripts -- which also haven't been as bad as I expected. I still don't see myself buying it on DVD, but it's a nice time-waster.

I also want to point out that The Walking Dead is back ... YAY!
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