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Some General Notes:

Okay, so obviously my Halloween-themed review posting did not happen. I'm not going to bore you all -- I'm in a funk, it'll pass but right now, I'm just sleeping a lot and y'know emo-ing all over the house. It's dull.

I've just ordered Supernatural, Season 1 though, so that may lift my spirits a little as I'm looking forward to those reviews. Instead of going forward with my Halloween (movies) reviews, since that boat sailed, I'm back to 50-Movie Pack Night Screams collection: "Nabonga" is next, which sounds like it will be another painful one. It's possible that I'm going to throw one in from the Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection first ... if so, it will probably be The Leech Woman.

I'm still watching RINGER, but to be frank, it just isn't worth the time to review anymore. I came to that conclusion just now while I was re-watching episode 6 to post a mini-review on it. I may mention it in update posts, but the mini-review thing is done.

I think that is it, for now. At least I got a Buffy review out!

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