harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

An "American Horror Story" Inquiry?

So - I admitted my complete ignorance of McDermott's 'American Horror Story' second episode because my  DISH Network didn't record ... and not one of you posted a reply to let me know 'The basic scenes were this....' : WTF?!

I'm sorry. Do you not all know a fishing expedition, when you see it?!

What happened in E2, y'all?

Oh, Dylan ... such an ambiguous character: see 'The Practice' ....

And, more to the point --- Why do I feel attracted to characters that are NOT so great: see Bobby, Dean, Spike, and Xander.

I mean, c'mon. Look at these characters, divorced from the Actors ... would you honestly say that you'd put up with their constant BS?

I mean, really? Why would I give these guys a second look, if A) They weren't TV Characters and B) They weren't played by actors I'd want to see naked?

I mean, really. Don't we all put up with schnit we wouldn't if we weren't stuck in love with these bastards?

; - p

-- Gimme feedback [ Seriously, I don't know what happened in Ep 2 of 'An American Horror Story'].

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