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Review: Angel #29 (Eddie's segment)

Angel #29

(Eddie Hope's tale)

"Lucky Number 13, Part II"

Story by: Bill Willingham & Bill Williams, Script by: Bill Williams, Pencils by: David Messina, Inks by: Gaetano Carlucci,
Colors by: Giovanna Niro, Letters by: Neil Uyetake

Page 01: Eddie Hope, on his crusade against the human monsters of 'After the Fall' is staking out a mom & pop cafe. The paper tells us that the visible demon population has risen in the wake of vampires becoming public. And naturally, it is the minorities and women, both historically vulnerable population groups that are being hardest hit by their new, bolder presence.

Page 02: We get a flashback to the time of 'After the Fall', when Eddie and all of Hollywood were pulled into W & H's Hellangeles with everyone else.

Jacob Crane was a mover and shaker in Hollywood. He was also personally known by Eddie, though they don't appear to much like one another. After LA fell, Jacob quickly started to prey on regular people for the new and twisted desires of the self-professed elite. The same sorts that he'd had as clients before... the more things change....

But to get to Jacob, he has to go through his number two guy: Deaver.

Commentary: I like the artwork, here. And I do appreciate the glimpse of how The Fall affected those not directly in Angel's and Spike's titles.

Page 03: Eddie pulls the ol' "I got a package that Mr. Deaver has to sign for personally" gag, which amazingly works.

But, when he gets inside - Deaver points out to his right hand that he hadn't given anyone their current address and orders the deliveryman killed immediately.

Page 04: Deaver is on a schedule and tells his henchman, who turn out to be vampires, that they can eat if they make it fast....

But, of course, he didn't realize that Eddie isn't exactly 'just a delivery man'....

The Good: The artwork gets a nod. Storywise though, nothing stands out.

The Bad: Nothing goes seriously awry.

Other Thoughts: Well, with only four pages.... This is a 'middle tale', where things are set up for the next segment, so there isn't anything that really happens here. And, due to the length, you can't do a lot of interesting development or twist either. So, it's workmanlike on its way to Eddie meeting up with Angel.

The Score: 3.0, an average story that is really only a segment in a bigger tale.


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