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Ringer mini review for Ep4

Yikes. These mini-reviews are getting pretty long, aren't they?

This episode is mostly about Siobhan's disastrous choices coming back to haunt Bridget's attempts to hide in plain site as her sister.

The major developments with Bridget: The episode opens with Andrew confronting Bridget about the police discovering her bag at the bus depot locker and that he realized that she isn't Siobhan at all! She tries to explain and apologize, but he cuts her off that she doesn't need to apologize to him, but to her sister ... who's standing behind her in drowned-ghost-face.

Obviously this is only a dream, but it shows that Bridget remains very worried about the traces of Bridget's presence that she's left lying around (except when it comes to phoning Malcolm, which she doesn't seem to realize is probably not the best of ideas, especially from her own phone).

Andrew notes her nightmare and tells he she hasn't slept well in weeks, which isn't good for the baby -- a baby that she's going to have to deal with sometime soon, you'd think. But anyway, she wants to go to the Hamptons, whose bus depot contains the incriminating bag. She goes there and grabs it, but this locker was already found by Machado and is under surveillance.

Andrew joins her soon after. Also, unexpectedly joining her in the Hamptons are Gemma and Henry, who are still bitterly fighting.

Throughout the weekend, as this is Bridget and Shib's birthday, we see flashbacks of the sisters as children when they purchased a necklace that they pass back and forth every year. During their bitter fighting, Siobhan had tossed the necklace at her onto the floor and told her she didn't want it back and never wanted to see her sister again.

Bridget though had mailed it to her on their birthday, anyway, as a way to try to save their relationship. Siobhan had mailed it back to her with the letter inviting her to come to the Hamptons and see her, where we found them in the pilot.

Bridget is also caught having to deal with Henry, who thought that he and Siobhan were going to be rekindling their relationship, despite her clearly telling him it was over.

She destroys her incriminating bag and ID in a fire on the beach, not realizing that Machado already knows about the bag which shows that her previous stories of not being in touch with her sister were lies.

During the birthday dinner arranged by Andrew, Bridget eats something with meat, which Siobhan hadn't done in the last 3 years -- she explains it away as a craving of the baby's. She excuses herself.

Back in her room, she again pulls out the necklace of sisterhood and gets weepy about Siobhan being dead. Henry has followed. He confronts her again about their affair because he knows that the baby she's carrying is his. She begs him to keep his mouth shut until she can figure out what to do about this and Andrew.

But -- Gemma overhears the whole thing! Doh!

Gemma is in too much shock to react until later at the beach around the table as she watches "Siobhan" pretending that nothing out of the ordinary is happening right to her and her husband's face. She has a freak and storms back to the house in a state. Bridget follows to find out what is wrong.

There, Agent Machado has arrived to give her one more chance to come clean with what happened with Bridget - and plays the panicked call for help that the Coast Guard received (from the pilot). She spins a tale that she tried to have a
rapprochement with her sister, as he suspected. But, she claims that Bridget told her about what she'd gotten involved in and it started another fight - she had thought that Bridget might hurt her, so she called for help, but she didn't really need it. She claims she told Bridget she never wants to see her again and then orders him to leave. She goes back to her search for Gemma.

In the guest bedroom, Gemma slaps Bridget and confronts her about the affair with her husband. She tells her she's going to go to Andrew and tell him all of Siobhan's secrets. Bridget has a final secret to share though, as she begs Gemma to really look at her and admits she isn't Siobhan, but Bridget...!

Andrew: Andrew continues to repair the strained relationship with 'Siobhan'. When she wants to get away from the city for a few days for her birthday, he arranges to make a Hamptons weekend of it with her best friend. He arranges a private chef and gifts and etc.

Andrew's plans for a fun weekend are placed under strain by the fact that Gemma and Henry are fighting and by "Siobhan's" moodiness this birthday. He doesn't have any idea about Bridget, because his wife didn't share this tidbit with him, since she had been trying to cut her sister out of her life completely at the point that she was starting her new life with him.

Agent Machado: Well, he's getting closer to the truth, but he doesn't realize it. He gathers evidence of Siobhan and Bridget seeing each other in the Hamptons, despite Bridget's telling him before (as Siobhan, of course) that she hadn't seen her sis in years.

The Coast Guard is able to provide evidence of the brief call for help from her boat (the pilot) and the Hampton bus depot had been under surveillance, so he has her on camera. He later goes to the Hamptons himself to ask questions, for some reason asking Gemma about Bridget. This lets Gemma into the fact that Siobhan even had a sister out there... and a twin, to boot.

He pretends to buy Bridget-as-Siobhan's story about the confrontation with her sister out on the boat. But, she clumsily puts her phone down during their discussion and when she orders him out to go after Gemma, he checks the call record on it. He sees her attempts to contact Bridget's sponsor, which he finds suspicious as she is more involved in her sister's life than she has been letting on... again....

Juliet the stepdaughter is still in Florida. Olivia texts Andrew during his weekend away with Siobhan, but otherwise doesn't appear.

Henry is unhappy and distraught about the end of Siobhan's affair with him. When he gets the invite for the weekend bash in the Hamptons, he believes that she invited he and Gemma to stay in order to rekindle their affair. He attempts to convince her that they still have something and there are flashbacks of the previous birthday when Siobhan spent it with him at the Hamptons beachhouse listening to him read from his rough drafted novel. He also was there when Siobhan received the necklace from Bridget, after having been out of touch with her for a few years. He doesn't know about her twin, as Siobhan described it as coming from an 'old friend', and nothing more.

It the present though, his ideas about their affair restarting are dashed by Bridget.

When Bridget excuses herself later, after the meat eating incident, he follows to make sure she is alright. He uses this occasion to again press her about the affair, trying to understand how she managed to change so quickly in her feelings toward him and her husband. He also confronts her about the fact that the baby she is carrying is his and they both know it. Bridget, who isn't actually pregnant so she's going to have to figure out what to do with this situation soon - begs him to keep quiet until she can figure out what to do.

He tries to hold his wife's hand a dinner in an attempt, maybe, to soothe the anger in their relationship. But, by this time, Gemma knows about the affair because she heard his conversation with Bridget-as-Siobhan. When she flees from the beach table, he offers to go after her, but 'Siobhan' goes instead. He's left with Andrew, both of which regarding each other uncomfortably - but for differing reasons.

Poor Gemma: She accepts Andrew's offer to surprise Bridget for the weekend in the Hamptons, but on the drive up has another fight with Henry about something unspecified, but surely having to do with the fact that he attempted to take money from their joint investment account without her knowledge. She later throws a vase of her friends' at her husband, which he rats out when she claims that he had bumped it on accident during their argument in the guest room.

She later finds out from Agent Machado that Siobhan had a sister she never mentioned in the 5 years they'd been friends. She confronts Siobhan about this, and buys Bridget's mostly-truth about not being able to forgive her for how she had destroyed her life in one bad decision after another. When Bridget tells her that Andrew also doesn't know about her twin and the trouble she's in with the FBI, Gemma
supportively tells her she won't say anything until her friend can tell him.

Gemma is later devastated into shock when she hears Henry and 'Siobhan' discuss their affair and the fact that her husband is likely the father to her friend's baby. She can't even react immediately ... but later flees the beach dinner table in a complete state.

When Bridget follows and asks what's wrong, Gemma slaps the bitch and calls her out for the affair, the backstabbing and the pregnancy. She tells 'Siobhan' that she can't wait to see her face when she tells Andrew everything.

Gemma is brought up short with another shock to the system though, when her friend claims to not be her friend at all, but the twin sister that they'd been talking about earlier!

real Siobhan is still in Paris, under the guise of Cora. She has to make up some ground in her plot to seduce blandly-handsome guy, due to her having thrown him out of her room last episode when her actual pregnancy had her get suddenly sick. He gives her the brush off and it looks like her plan has been undone before it could get started.

Worse though, is that she's now behind on her hotel bill and the manager is confronting her about it. You see, that 10k she had stashed in the secret account was supposed to have financed this whole thing, but Bridget had emptied that account as her when she was planning to run from New York to meet up with Malcolm.

This has left 'Cora' in a bit of mess.

Fortunately for her, when the manager is confronting her about her past due balance, blandly-handsome steps in pretending she's there on business with him for the subsidiary of Andrew's financial investment company. Real Siobhan is able to spin her edited tale about why she is broke - allowing Bland to infer that Andrew might have cleaned out her account behind her back. She tells him that she can't call back home for help, because Husband doesn't know that she went to Paris on her dream trip. When she also reveals this is her birthday, he helps her out by placing her in the corporately paid room for the rest of her stay ... and they have sex... which puts Real Siobhan's plans back on track.

She steals a document later from Bland's briefcase that has account information and Andrew's signature on it. She makes a phone call to her, thus far unknown, partner to tell him that the plan is moving forward smoothly after her little snag....

Malcolm, who is the character I'm finding the most charismatic and interesting was not in the episode. He, as far as we know, is currently still in the clutches of gangster and being pumped for of heroin so that he'll give up everything he knows about Bridget's location.

The Good: After last episode's pacing issue, this one was like new life was breathed into this soapy tale (and considering we're on episode 4 -- it shouldn't need new life already). So pacing was very good.

I love the plot of this one, from the flashbacks we got to see of Siobhan in the past and her relationships with Bridget and Henry to the way that Bridget's subterfuge started unraveling faster than she could keep up.

I loved Tara Summers' work here as Gemma Butler, specifically that devastating scene in the hallway after she had heard Henry's confrontation with 'Siobhan' about their affair and her pregnancy. I also liked her in the angry confrontation with Bridget at the end of the episode.

I loved the directorial touch during the focus on Gemma as she watched her best friend joking and laughing like nothing was going on, right after she had heard everything about the affair. I also loved the look on Tara's face during this scene.

The Bad: The flashbacks, while appreciated, may have been a bit heavy-handed and went on a bit too long when it came to the drippy affair between Siobhan and Henry.

Andrew needs to be given something to do that will allow him to increase his emotional level. His scenes are dull.

Agent Machado's scenes are also pretty dull and repetitive. Give him some solid evidence, or have him under threat by Bodaway so that he is doing more than just complaining that he can't get anything done.

Other Thoughts: I liked the energy of this episode, especially when Tara Summers was at work. I also really liked the confrontation hanger ending this episode. I'm less interested in Siobhan's machinations until something is actually ready to happen, so let's stop zipping over to Paris for a bit, shall we?

I am also still finding some scenes to just be... unnecessary, or rather bland... specifically when Machado is once again confronting Bridget.

The Score: This episode is a lot more fun and has more momentum than last episode. I had a good time with this one and really loved the direction and the fabulous Tara:   3.75 out of 5



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