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A few random thoughts about TV watching

And Warning: I do mean random, jumpy bits of randomness because I didn't do proper posts when I meant to:

Also - spoilers ahoy.

So, what do we got? Umm...

SPN: I am actually really liking this whole Leviathan plot and hope that it isn't ... well... like the Eve-thing and that it actually builds up in intensity and is given room to develop and breathe. Do I believe that Cas is dead and gone? No. No, I do not. Was I fooled by the Bobby-is-dead?! cliffhanger? No. No, I was not. I am sorry to see the Winchester safe haven burned down though. And, I'm once again asking myself why I'm so attracted to Dean after he sneaked off to kill Sam's friend: Damn you, Adorable-Jensen, damn you man!

American Horror Story: I've immediately been captured by this pilot. Alas, for some reason the next episode set to record is #3, but I never saw a repeat of episode 2 ... so I'm missing one already! ARRGGH... that's frustrating. Anyway, there won't be mini-reviewing going on for this one, because I can already see myself adding this to my eventual DVD buy list for proper scene by scene reviewing... unlike with Ringer, who is getting the mini-review treatment.

The Walking Dead: Yay, it is finally returning. Was the 6-episode mini-first season wonderful? No, no it was not. But, I really dig Andrew Lincoln -- like really, really. And, it has zombies. And, yes, when the first season DVD price drops a bit more it is on my buy list for proper reviewing.

The Secret Circle: I'm still hanging in there with this one, which means I probably should have mini reviewed it along with Ringer. I don't see myself buying this one on DVD later for proper reviewing. Alas, I've already deleted the episodes from my recorder, so oops. I'm finding that the stars are engaging me more than The Vampire Diaries, which I wasn't able to get into and don't watch.


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