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Ringer : Ep 3 mini review

Yeah, I'm a bit behind. Real Life changes made the last week and a half a bit busy, but I'll be posting two mini reviews tomorrow for Ringer to get caught up. This mini review is for Episode 3, which is a real bear to mini-review, because it feels a LOT like a filler issue in a comic story ... things happen, but the point is set up or to coast, not to have any sort of revelations.

So, basically, Julia (the step daughter) has been shuttled off to Florida after Ep 2, where she spent quality time with Bridget puking her guts out in the toilet.

Bridget thinks that Andrew was responsible for the attempted murder on Siobhan because she finds a photograph that matches the picture of her sister she found on the attempted killer after she shot him. But later, she also finds the exact same photograph at best friend Gemma's place - it turns out that the photo was sent out by Siobhan as a Christmas card one year, so that isn't the clue she thought it was.

Bridget has also been trying to trace the phone that she found on the killer, but it is one of those pre-paid deals and doesn't have any call history, addresses or anything else that will help her, so that was a dead end...

... Except, that someone is very interested in getting that phone back from her. They also know that she killed their "mutual friend" ... and probably cleaned up the mess and disappeared the body for reasons unknown as yet. We do learn that the man interested in the phone is the same man that was giving her stink-eye at the party during the farce with hiding the body.

We also learn that Siobhan had been consulting a lawyer to ready for divorce proceedings against Andrew. Later, Andrew hears about this through their mutual friend network and is understandably pissed off because things had seemed to be going so much better between he and his 'wife'. Bridget is able to smooth this over by claiming that she had gone to the lawyer back when things between them were so bad, but the latest meeting was actually to call the whole thing off.

The real Siobhan is still in Paris. She picks up a blandly handsome man in the hotel bar ... who just so happens to be an international something-something that deals with money ... and just so happens to work for a subsidiary of husband Andrew's company. We also find out that Siobhan is definitely in cahoots with somebody - which we knew, but this isn't just about faking her death or trying to kill Bridget for taking her place and screwing up her plans (not to mention draining her rather paltry secret account). She is targeting her husband's company for a con, by the looks of it.

Henry (Gemma's hubby and Siobhan's secret lover) decides to pull his investment from Andrew's investment fund, allegedly to self-publish his book because he doesn't like the interference of his publisher. It seems more about this being the fact that he's a whiny bitch over Bridget-as-Siobhan dumping him to reconcile with Andrew.

But, there is a snag when Andrew's partner, in a bid to get the investment business of Gemma's mega-bucks father (who Andrew has told her to leave alone because of some disastrous attempt to woo his business in the past) has Gemma called to sign the papers. Now, Henry hadn't told Gemma he was withdrawing their money, so his actual reasons for doing so remain murky (other than to punish Andrew, even though their account is rather small for the amount of money that Andrew's fund deals in). Olivia just happens to mention to Gemma that she apologizes for her assistant calling her in needlessly and then asks her if she's been unhappy with the fund, which then blows Henry's plans. She then quickly (and clumsily) turns her questioning to Gemma's father. Later Andrew gets yelled at by the outraged Henry for spilling his attempt to withdraw money from his and his wife's investment. Andrew covers by telling him she is a co-signer on the documents and so it was legally required, which isn't strictly true. He then confronts Olivia, asking her to let him know if she's going to ignore him first, so he's at least prepared to deal with the fallout.

Finally, Malcolm is jumped by the gangster after Bridget and abducted to a back room of a loud club. He denies having heard from Bridget. But, his phone points to her sister having been in contact with him, which the gangster takes as them obviously having discussed Bridget and her whereabouts. In order to get answers, the gangster pumps Malcolm full of heroin, blowing his sobriety.

The Good: Juliet, the annoying step daughter, is off to FL. Perhaps, she'll have a personality transplant before she comes back... so yay!

Sarah does some wonderful work as Siobhan during her seduction work of the blandly handsome what's-his-name, and she looks fabulous.

The tense fate of Malcolm was nicely directed and left us hanging as to how bad things are going to get for him.

The Bad: There was some really awkward line delivery by Nestor Carbonell as Victor Machado. What lands him here is the monologue about what a bad, bad man
Bodaway Macawi

Pacing is a bit of a problem for this episode, because we sort of float from scene to scene without much happening outside of Malcolm's run-in with Macawi and the beginning of Siobhan's latest plot machination. And, as per becoming usual, Bridget is given an obstacle in her ability to pretend to be Siobhan, and then quickly and neatly sidesteps it without any tension or complication. That really needs to change [and it did in ep 4 -- I really liked that episode].

Other Thoughts: I'm glad that Julia was shunted off screen. They need something more juicy for her to do [this is sort of a Dynasty-esque drama, so she could be given a meaty subplot] if she's going to be coming back. Plus, she needs to be less irritating.

The scenes between Gemma and Bridget in this one didn't really pop, either. This again, may be related to the pacing - or just the whole 'treading water' feel of the episode. I just didn't find Gemma very engaging in this one.

I'm also finding Agent Machado's inability to lean harder on Siobhan to be straining credibility.

The Score: This one is actually a relatively dull episode outside of a few key scenes, neither having to do with Bridget and her new social circle. I'm almost tempted to give this one a below average score, but it is moving some key developments forward with Siobhan and Malcolm so... a weak 3.0 out of 5.

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