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Ringer -- second ep

Mini review is under cut, so as not to spoil in case you've only Tivo'd it at this point:

I'm happier with the second episode than I was with the pilot. Things feels less rushed and fragmented, although these problems aren't eliminated. It feels less like the script this time though, and more about the directing which seems flat and 'pedestrian', I guess. There are still these issues with sudden scene jumps to... "we're here, okay scene done, we're now here!" jumping that is jarring.

But, the story is better paced and we didn't have any hideous greenscreen work (except for the 'here is what happened last episode' bit at the beginning), so that gets a thumbs up. Let's just avoid any more boat-on-water scenes, shall we?

The Good: This is a fun episode despite it involving hiding the killing that Bridget committed in the pilot, with a lot of fun with 'hide the body'.

The pacing, as mentioned, is better in this episode.

SMG looks outstanding in the investor party scene.

The acting between the best friend and SMG is really clicking, and it seems almost a shame that sooner or later Siobhan's affair with her husband is going to have to come out.

I like the clear indications that somewhere along the line Siobhan has turned into a very cold woman. And, I like how we really only know her thus far by who she is now and Bridget's memories/flashbacks. It's clear that Bridget looked up to her sister, but there are indications that maybe she never should have; Maybe, Siobhan was never the 'good sister' to begin with that Bridget saw her as.

The Bad: There are still some real problems with logic, though: Who the hell puts on heels and a white top when she knows that she has to go and clean up a body she shot?! And, for somebody who thinks it isn't safe to call her sponsor, she is still blabbing an awful lot over the phone... ON VOICE MAIL, WHERE IT IS RECORDED AND SAVED (this was avoided in the beginning of the episode where she deletes her voicemail without saving it, but then at the end she basically admits that she's pretending to be her sister ON VOICE MAIL). There is also the problem of the detective having evidence that 'Siobhan' lied about being in contact with the on-the-run Bridget, and yet there was no mention of seeking a warrant to tap Siobhan's phone to see if Bridget/Siobhan contact one another.

Other Thoughts: I think one of the issues with this new series might have been expectations: This seemed through the advertisements like a 'thriller', but it is more like a soap opera with elements of the thriller.

I'm still bothered by how easily Bridget has squeezed into her sister's life and how conflicts are so quickly resolved (two episodes in and she's already managed to win the affection of Siobhan's husband and step daughter, while breaking off an affair with minimum unpleasantness and doesn't seem all that stressed out over everyone thinking she's pregnant).

The twist with the disappearing body and clean up was interesting at the end, but I want to see Bridget really under pressure trying to juggle her own past trying to find her, while also trying to maintain the ruse of being Siobhan and dealing with all the detritus of her sister's life. These complications that she is running into are being resolved too patly.

I am glad that we see that Siobhan is still alive, well, and plotting.

And, am I the only one who wanted to see SMG punch someone out? I don't care it it's the snotty drugged out stepdaughter, the pushy best friend's husband (I don't know why I can't remember any of their names), or that business partner - but I'd like to see some less polished Bridget come out ... tap into that bar drunk for a minute....

The Score: So, I liked it, but I'm still not completely engrossed in this tale and there is still something ... rote... about the directing and spastic about the scene changes. It's okay, I want to see where we're going to go, but it still seems like we could use more pizzazz.

3.25 out of 5


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