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The LJ Poll of the Day

Which is your favorite Star Wars episode?

I chose Episode V, "The Empire Strikes Back".

This is one of the films that my family went to see as a kid in an actual theatre and OMG... Vader is Luke's Father?!

OMG... HAN?!

OMG... Evil is going to win?!

OH, NO! Luke's hand was cut off!?

Man, I miss being a kid when shit like this could shock the hell out of you and you didn't already know that the good guys would win in the end.

This film is AWESOME.

For my generation, this is a touchstone. You've got the Empire finding the rebels on Hoth, Luke nearly dying, Han splitting open a Tauntaun in order to save Luke, Luke going to Dagobah in order to meet Yoda, his foreshadow in the place where the darkforce holds sway, Luke confronting Vader only to find out he's Luke's father, Luke's hand being cut off, Han falling victim to the Empire and being frozen in carbonite and hauled away....

And, the best thing of all... So much of the story was actually LEFT HANGING! That's right, kids. There was a time when a trilogy ended with whole plot threads hanging, so that you needed to come back to see how it ends (See also the phenomenal 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy). {Not to be confused with the shit nowadays in which the killer is never dead; This is completely different... the storyline literally ends without resolution! Not with everyone thinking the bad guy is dead only for it to 'Not Be Over', no... Everyone knows that the bad guy isn't gone... but one of the heroes is!}

Of course, it was probably easier to shock then, since I wasn't yet attuned to either the "Hero's Quest" supermyth, nor able to recognize cliche patterns. I had no clue that Vader might be related to Luke and I got teary in "Star Wars" when Obi bought it.

I also couldn't believe at that time that they left us like that, with Han in the hands of Boba Fett and Luke with his hand removed [oh, and doesn't that last shot of Luke and Leia seeing a galaxy far, far away look an awfully like the Milky Way in the distance -- I thought that was so cool].

It was kinda very 70's in a way... the dark ending where Evil apparently beat the good guys and went on to be EVIL. But, in this case, the sequel was assured, so we kinda knew that the good guys would come back but we had no idea what would happen to Han Solo or if Lord Vader would actually be stopped. It probably helped, since we kids of the 70's, whose parents weren't really 'protective' enough saw a lot of shit go down then. I saw 'Alien' as a child... scarred forever... same with 'Last House on the Left' -- Parents then weren't so worried that we would all turn psycho if we saw 'R' rated movies. But, back to Empire Strikes Back -- It was effing the best movie ever!

At least until Spock was killed. The ending of 'The Wrath of Khan' still strikes me as the best and most shocking and most heart-breaking twist ever. It is certainly the most memorable anyway - but this is about Star Wars.

Alas, it has gone through so many revisions by George and has been parodied so often that I fear the shock factor is totally missing for this generations' kids. And, you know what? That is just sad. You younger kids will watch anything - "I Know What You Did Last Summer" is CRAP. Unconvincing CGI is CRAP. The MY BLOODY VALENTINE remake is CRAP (Oh, Jensen...).

But now I'm turning into 'Old Guy', so I'm just gonna end this. 'Empire' is and always will be frikkin' awesome.

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