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FanFic Review - of course it's BTVS/Supernatural

Just a bit of background --  As you know if you've been one of the very few to be following me, or you've actually used my Tag Link, I've become just a bit obsessed with a BTVS/AtS/Supernatural (I should really incorporate a SPN shortcut for this) crossover (just look under YouTube Roundup to see this).

Anyway, my point is that I've been spending time on "Twisting the Hellmouth" which basically takes the Buffyverse and merges it with Supernatural. [I lie. The Twist is with a lot of 'verses', I just don't care about the rest.]

So, as part of my fanfic schtuff, I want to issue a recommend, because I started to read this one off and on at work, and it stuck with me to the extent that I actually looked for it at home so I could follow the saga. Supernatural & BTVS/AtS ARE going to be merged in my Spanderverse series... I'm just not completely convinced how yet.

But that part isn't important. The point is that I like this story for remaining true to both the BTVS & Supernatural 'verse. I.E. - the author didn't  manipulate the timeline in order to push these universes together. Which, as a fan of both, I can tell you is no easy matter. Since I've already added Charmed and have intimated Blade (the movies: See the end of Spanderverse: Dracula), I can testify how deeply you want to get these guys to interact A.S.A.P.

But, anyway - this is a Dean/Faith pairing with BTVS being after S7 and Supernatural being prior to S1. As it should be... despite everyone wanting a pairing romantically/sexually between the two series.

I ALMOST want to do a chapter by chapter of this one, since I've already broken the mold on fanfic reviews ... but I won't. I'll just direct you over there if you've an interest in Buffy/Supernatural crossovers & you're not minding Dean/Faith {It seems like there is a LOT of crossover couplings on this fandom - and that excluding the BTVS pairings and the Supernatural pairings}.

My point is that I'm recommending Dulcedeusex's "Gimme Shelter":

The Good: I really like how in character Faith/Dean is - and how the author has chosen to keep Dean ignorant of Slayers, while allowing these two go hook up.

I like the speculation on how Faith and Dean could be together without violating canon, even though we're obviously in Alt-Universe territory [I can only hope to do half as well with introducing yet another canon into my version of Buffyverse].

I love Faith having Slayer-dreams. As a member of the Chosen Two, Faith access to her Slayer heritage has been deeply neglected in the 'main line' Buffyverse. I get it. Buffy is the star of her own show, so Faith isn't the focus. Thankfully, in Spanderverse, I've been able to give Faith a Slayer-dream, and this author does as well - tying Glory and Sam together. She does it so very well.

Unlike SO many other fics that try to respect the timelines, Faith and John actually get to meet. LOVE THIS.

The Bad: I'm not going to put anything under the bad.

The Other: Okay, there is one thing that I'll include here. BUT, I need to make clear that I'm not objecting, or it would be under 'The Bad' as OOC: I do think that Faith's "domesicity" isn't entirely sold on me. It may have only taken one more chapter of Faith deciding that she can play the "wife" [no marriage is in the story - I'm just referring to Faith trying a bit hard to pretend to not be supernaturally gifted] for me to completely buy. I don't 'dis-buy' it, I'm just saying that I think we may have missed a chapter for her to reach this point (and, my point is that I don't see Faith as exactly this way - your mileage may vary).

The Score: I really like this one. It is a nice merging of the universes, without mucking about too much with the fact that BTVS/ATS/Supernatural occurs (even in backstory terms) at different decades ... which too many seem to ignore completely or shift timelines of one or another to accommodate {a lot of YouTube Vids, but for very practical reasons}.

I'm going with 3.75 out of 5.0  --  Nice job all around.

Oh, for effing sakes - how hard is it to fix your **it LJ?! I, as a paying member should not HAVE to eff around with HTML is order to make things readable. Please explain WHY this is more complicated then it seems to the 'layman'!
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