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An Updatey thing....

You know, for the most part I've been okay this summer without my weekly dose of new TV. I mean, I've got my PBR and my Hoarders and my Animal Hoarders and my weekly installment of gay news and I'm all good.

But the last two weeks or so, I've been fiending. Where is my new Supernaturals! Oh, SMG is coming back, when-does-that-start-why-hasn't-my-TIVO-recorded-it-yet-WHAHHH!

Thank goodness that the new fall season is getting started, 'cause I seriously need to find out how good Sarah is going to be (you see how I'm just assuming there that she'll be awesome) and to find out how they're going to stop Cas' power-play.

In review news, I'm working on three comic reviews at once so I'll have plenty to post in the next few days. BTVS S8 #26, Angel #28 and Spike #1. I do have the Riley one shot as well, but I want to wait until later into Angel's title before I insert a review for it and I'm gettting the Angel & Faith title, but again I want to wait until I get through Angel's title before moving forward with actually reviewing it.

I still have the review of "Kill, Baby... Kill!" waiting for when LJ stops being douchey. The next two movie reviews are going to be from the 50 Pack 'Night Screams' collection: 1935's Midnight Phantom and 1944's Nabonga.

And then we'll be on whatever the next BTVS S2 episode is. I really want to focus this week on getting as many reviews done as possible, even though I may not post them one after the other in the same day. But, I'm off from work this week and since I have no money and less life, I'll be spending it all here in front of the computer most likely....

Uh, I mean because I'm so dedicated to you all, I'll be focusing on sharing my brilliance with you, lest your lives be incomplete - uh-huh.

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