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I'm having a bitca of a time posting today... is anyone else experiencing problems?

I tried to post my movie review, and to post screen caps, I've had to save/edit/save/edit/save/edit - which was a pain in the rump. Then, when I finally got that done, I tried to do an LJ cut to protect friends-pages, and it DELETED WHAT I CUT!


So the review is done, I just can't post it successfully (well I could, but if you've seen any of them in the past, you know they really need to be LJ-cutted first).

EDITED TO ADD: This is really f-ed up when I try to go in to edit an existing entry ... suddenly the font has changed, there is extra spacing everywhere, the LJ-cut is eliminated or shrunk down to a space between text, so it has only cutted empty lines....

FROM LJ Releases page:


It's making it extremely difficult to post anything that is going to run into page posting limits, since I then try to link Part 1 to 2 and 2 to 3, etc. after the fact.
Tags: complaint, livejournal, open letter

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