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The Best Of / Worst Of... post

Best Of / Worst Of

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, S1, "Angel"

*I'm starting to include Angel as a regular character starting here, even though he doesn't become deeply involved really until Innocence*

We'll be starting off with Best Character Moment of course:

Buffy Summers: It's a tough call for Buffy on this one. She doesn't have any particularly awesome moments. Certainly, there aren't any character-enhancing scenes for her. This is more Angel's story. I do like Buffy's cool in confronting Darla in The Bronze, so I'll give her clever comebacks the kudos. I know; it ain't much.

Xander Harris: Xander is another one who doesn't come off with any particularly good moments. Plenty of harsh, bad ones, though. I don't think I can give him a kudos.

Willow Rosenberg: Willow doesn't have much to do character wise, either. She's mostly just being very supportive of Buffy, but I give her kudos for trying to find reasons why Buffy shouldn't feel badly about her feelings for Angel. She's a sweetheart.

Rupert Giles: I'm going to give a kudos to Giles, too. On finding out Angel is a vampire, he's almost reluctant to point out Buffy's duty. Can you see Giles in 'WTTH' trying to be this gentle about her feelings and conflicts?

Cordelia Chase: Cordy is only given a very short scene, where she is a comedy relief moment. Nothing shining for her.

Angel: Well, being an Angel-centric episode, obviously he's given the best moments. There are plenty I could name, but for 'Best', I don't see how you couldn't go with his slaying Darla for Buffy. That is monumental, though not obvious necessarily until in retrospect.

Worst Of:

Buffy: It still bugs me that Buffy would lead The Three right to her house! Not having your mother in the forefront of your mind when trying to decide where to retreat to is not only in bad form, but seems out of character, too.

Xander: Trying to make Buffy feel bad for having feelings for Angel, when there has been no evidence that Angel has been a threat, is just a crappy friend thing to do.

Willow: Remember how I said that Willow was being supportive of Buffy and that she's a sweetheart? Well, she does carry it too far post Joyce-in-the-kitchen scene. I mean, there is supportive, and then there is just naive....

Rupert: I didn't find any of Giles' behavior appalling.

Cordy: Yes, the moment was played for humor, but putting her hands on that random student carried her designer-knockoff outrage out of bounds.

Angel: That pathetic fighting against The Three and his being nearly crippled by a flesh wound... sad, sad, sad.


Best Of / Worst Of for Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, S1, 'Planet of the Slave Girls'

Buck: I'm gonna give it to Buck's tactical insight. He's able to command 9 fighters against 100 and not lose anybody. He also keeps his eyes on the 'quarterback', where others would have been distracted and overwhelmed.

Wilma: I'll say that Wilma's best moment was her brief escape in Kaleel's base. She watched or an opportunity and she took it with a judo-throw.

Huer: I like Doctor Huer's smirky plan to get Buck involved in the mission to Vistula.

Twiki: Volunteering for the squadron mission took some electronic guts for the ambuquad, so I'll give him kudos.

Dr. Theo: And, for once, Theo stepped up to the plate too, by insisting on going along so he could help Twiki with his fighter expertise. Way to step up, Faceplate.

Worst Of:

Buck: I wasn't too keen about Buck's behavior when he suspected that Duke and Wilma might have had a past relationship. Reminding her about their plans for a drink later, with the deliberate implication for Duke's benefit that he was sleeping with her was pretty disrespectful toward her.

Wilma: I also didn't like Wilma's enjoyment of Buck and Duke's pissing contest. And, she seemed to be adding fuel to the fire a few times for her own amusement.

Huer: The Doctor didn't have any bad moments. This is mostly because his scenes tend to be short, or exposition-y.

Twiki: Twiki also didn't have any truly bad moments -- his komedy-tune isn't his fault.

Dr. Theo: I also don't think that Theo came off badly in any of his scenes.

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