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Not quite posting yet... dammit

I am making progress though. The Buck episode review is half done. I've completed the "Hunting and Slaying" series at Twisting the Hellmouth, which is going to get a recommend. The second story is a WIP, though, so forewarning and all that.

I'm also positive that MissAnnThropic's "Leap That Makes the Fall" is going to get a recommendation, but I'm still reading this one.

Finally I want to get to the WATCHERS fanfic that I've promised to review for Charles at the forum. My plan is to do at least the two 'for sure' recommends on one post as mini-reviews. I'm not sure if I'm doing a scene by scene of Charles' story or a mini review, but since he has written it in the style of WATCHERS (i.e. the 'television show' format), it is likely to be long enough for its own post. I have it on a Tab, but I can't tell whether there will be a recommend tag or just a review yet.

The latest Spanderverse tale is still slowly coming along. I can think of great scenes much easier than the actual writing of them, of course. It's been so long, even I'm a bit fuzzy on the story threads to touch on from previous stories... *sigh* HORRIBLE, just horrible.

I'm still looking very forward to sitting down with "Kill Baby Kill", so much so, that I'm almost ready to just start that review too... so many browser windows and documents open, so little time and focus.

Anyway, that's where we are folks. You haven't been forsaken. I'm *pretty* sure that the Buck review is going to be done this weekend, if it kills me. And that effing Best of/Worst of Character moments post for BTVS: Angel and this Buck episode should be done, too. It's irritating me that I keep putting it off for no real reason, when the Buffy post could have been done already -- I plan on the Character Moments for both series to be on a combined post as well.

Finally, more financial issues (that effing toilet is leaking again, so a call is into my handyman) is distracting, as these sorts of things can often be - but that isn't really an excuse. Pretty please forgive me?
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