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One of Those 'General Info' posts....

Hello, all. I'm posting a 'general update' post, mostly to let you know that I'm still alive. I'm working, currently on both Spanderverse, in which I've written a 3rd chapter - which I think went well, giving a bit of breathing room to Spike/Xan/Razor's attack on Sunnydale & Riley and his Initiative's copter crash [I've also filled out my own list of Razor's minions, in which I've listed 24 actual names]. We're following Tara and Willow on their way to Tara's basically Cajun hometown and Dawn & Cordy's vacation, in which Cordelia is sensing something wrong, but with no vision, she isn't sure what.

I'm also working on Buck's review of 'Planet of the Slave Girls' and I've read through the latest BTVS: S8 issue, so I have an idea of what I want to point out in "Living Doll". I am also reading three fanfics, with two of them I'm pretty sure will end up 'recommended'. I'm just starting on the 3rd, so it isn't possible to say yet whether the WATCHERS fanfic will make it.

Finally, I've reviewed an old BTVS and AtS 30-days meme. I've done this basically because I want to include a Supernatural version of it. I'm not quite ready for it, since I don't have the DVDs, so have to rely on other sites, but I want to invite other Winchester Fans to take the meme and run with it....

And, for mercy's sake, go ahead and reply and post your linkages....

I have a feeling my own answers are going to be largely focused on S5 - but I don't wanna miss anything. Here is the questions for the original polls, but for the Supernatural-obsessed, which I've admitted I'm not quite, here is the questions and my answers for BTVS/Ats:

30 Days of Buffy

30 Days of Angel

Once I'm done posting Buck, I seriously don't know what the hell I'm doing. I have more energy right now than discipline. I want to finish Buck first. Then there is a Worst of/Best of Character post, 'Living Doll' as mentioned, Supernatural's 30-days of meme, and the damned fine (In my opinion) 'Kill, Baby, Kill' review.

Jeez... It may be time for another vacation soon, just so I have time. Oh, and BTW, I've been sold - AGAIN -.

Man, I'm going to be F*-ed if I'm laid off....

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