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A simple 'what is happening' post.

I am currently working on the WATCHERS review and really want to have it posted by tomorrow night. We'll see.

I have also went to a major chain store and purchased some DVDs on sale, including 'X-Files', S1 for like $13. God, remember when everyone wanted to believe ... before we realized that the myth had become so complex that even Chris Carter barely knew what the hell was going on? Oh, David Duchovny, how I want you.

Anyway, plan on my eventually having an X-Files review series to stand alongside my BTVS, my Buck Rogers series, and my eventual Angel series ... and probably my Oz and ER series too, if I live long enough - I mean there are just so many things I want to include in the reviews posts!

I'm also fiending for Supernatural. When is the new season going to launch? September? I refuse to listen.

I'm looking forward to my SMG fix this Fall too. Although, from the -much too early- commercials, I see a lot of *depressed!Buffy* in her performance. Never judge a series from the trailers though (again, see Supernatural).

Edited to Add: Also? This was actually done, too, as far back as the 1970's with the original Bionic Woman ... not that I'm criticizing, because I'm not. I love SMG (but my god, even her hair looks the same as on BTVS) but it should be acknowledged that this isn't a new concept, no matter how much we love the fact that she's returning to TV.

The plan next though is as follows:

WATCHERS: The Virtual Series
Buck Rogers
Buffy: S 8
Movie Review: Kill Baby Kill!

That is as far as I'm willing to say, 'definitely' to. But it is likely I'm going to go with some quick posts following these with "Best Of/Worst Of Character Moments" for both BTVS and Buck.
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