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You Know that Buffy Review...

... Yeah, I'm still working on that sorta. It's kinda dull and dull makes really difficult reviews. I mean, let's face it... do any of us remember anything fondly before or after Willow's tirade? Okay, maybe Xander being forced to dance around in a bra was fun, too, but really, isn't it all about Willow's tirade?

So, since the review isn't being posted and Supernatural is in repeats and the PBR Ford Tough series is on their break ... well, I must be posting something right? Well, duh, of course I am.*

I'm posting a recommend site! For B-Movie reviews... In fact I'm giving you, like five recommends. You see I should have been recommending before this, but since I didn't, I now get to include 4 links, which allows me to fake being productive! See how this works?

So, my first recommended site is for Tower Farms Reviews, because a) they're short and easy to read and b) they're really funny. Frankly, they're nearly brilliant. Go there.

Next is a video review site... I mean, not that he's reviewing videos, but that he is posting videos of himself giving reviews. I kinda want to watch movies with this guy and listen to his commentaries live... plus he's kinda cute in a geeky way for reasons I cannot explain: Terror Obscura is the place to be.

This recommended site also has a host that I immediately crushed on... no really reason why, he's just funny. I like humorous men, I guess. Anyway, his specialty is all about American Remakes of British Classics... and since he is a Brit, he sorta knows what he's speaking of: Brittania Rules can be reached via Agony Booth, which actually introduced me to the Terror Obscura site, too... Hmmm... it's like their a gay dating site for men in which only one knows the other even exists and there would be zero chance of an actual meeting AND only one party is interested in meeting the other over drinks and movies, at all. It's like... perfect.

Finally, there is my newest Star Trek review site interest - and again, it's because of the video uploaded review. I'm kinda getting wore out on text, probably because I am trying to keep up with so many of them, when I'm not trying to keep up with my LJ-friends' latest postings. My poor weary eyes! Anyway, if you like Sci-Fi shows (and I'm mostly just into the Trek reviews), then go check out: SF Debris' site.

* Warning - not at all a guarantee that dipwad is actually posting about anything.
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