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Am I the only one who thinks that Eric Kripke is so influenced by BTVS and Angel, that he and Joss should just ignore the network suits and get together to bring the universes together?*

Imagine Dean actually meeting Buffy and/or Faith in canon.  Yes, yes... there would be some issues to work out. For instance, how Heaven would impact BTVS, when Buffy was dead (which I'm working on), Cas' interaction with Dawn (when she seems outside of God, himself - also working on) and the whole different vampire mythos (right now, I'm working toward actually some other demon, mimicking vampires) but is there any doubt that Eric and/or Sera Gamble are/is a big fan of Buffy?

I think not. Especially when she has been referenced quite specifically in canon (... though as an apparent fictional TV show). This could actually be explained quite easily as Hollywood trying to incorporate the latest trend (Vampires and the Slayers) into TVShow-land, considering the developments in BTVS: S8 and Angel: After the Fall.

In fact, it seems to me that Supernatural could make more specific hints that Supernatural takes place in the Buffyverse, without violating trademark/pissing off the suits, by referencing characters in Joss' verse without naming them... which I've discussed before  (I suppose EGO would play a large part in this though... I 'm positive that Eric and/or Sera and/or Jensen/Jared are tired of the comparisons with BTVS/AtS).

So, I guess my question is... how many enjoy crossovers and how many consider it a disrespect to the creators/actors/staff of either show to cross them over?

Leave comments, if you feel strongly about it. I promise I won't whine if you include a reference to your own site....


*(I know I'm not the only one, judging by crossover vids on YouTube)
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