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Story Rec ... Supernatural/BTVS crossover

Today's post (wha?? two days in a row?) is a fanfic rec for a story that takes place pre-Supernatural and post-'Chosen' on Buffy.

Paths Crossed

The basic premise is from a mention by Dean in the pilot episode of Supernatural where he mentions fighting a voodoo practitioner in New Orleans. It's set after the Katrina disaster. What Dean didn't mention to Sam was that he met a 'fellow hunter' there by the name of Faith.

The Good: Dean, John and Faith are all written very well.

The humor in the early chapters is great, especially Faith's screwing around with Dean by sabotaging his chances with a waitress.

I like the interaction between Faith and Dean, and the way that at the end of the story, Dean still has no idea that he's met a Slayer.

The Bad: Only some minor sentence construction that made me have to go back and re-read a few sentences to understand what was meant. One more time proofreading would have been good, but it's minor.

Other Thoughts: This story could actually use a re-visit in order to expand on it a bit. The battle with the voodoo queen was wrapped up rather too easily and quickly. Also, for doing such a nice job of introducing Julian - a just vamped victim - and then having Faith kill him 'off screen' with just a line of dialog was a let down. I'd love to see a flashback story where we get a more fleshed out confrontation.

It's a good story with well written main characters. I was interested in Anne Marie Benoit as the main villain and the tragic turn of Julian's fate as vampire. I just wish the whole thing hadn't been wrapped up so quickly and easily for our protagonists.

3.75 out of 5 stars

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