harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

I Miss You Guys....

I miss hangin' out on LJ wandering from friend site to friend site, discussing Buffy and Supernatural and posting a least a little blurb daily. Oh, what fun times we had.

There just isn't time for that these days and even less energy. I'm working on the next Angel review right now, which will be a double post for the two issue arc in Angel issue 26 and 27.

Then I know I have to get to a Buffy episode review, a WATCHERS: The Virtual Series review and then I think I'm going with a Buck Rogers review following that. Once that is completed, I'll be posting two entries in my 'Best/Worst Character Moments' ongoing series in which we'll be looking first at Buffy and then Buck.

Finally, once that is done - we'll go to our next movie review, but I haven't decided on which one yet. I know it'll either be coming from the Night Screams collection or the Classic Sci-Fi Ultimate Collection.

And, of course, a little Spanderverse would be nice somewhere in there. I can feel my brain percolating with ideas, but their for future stories instead of the current one. Still, I've got certain good scenes in mind for Tara and Willow in her hometown for her daddy's funeral and there is a bit for Cordelia and Dawn at their spa - but these aren't really fleshed out yet.

I'm still working on the Razor battle across Sunnydale, Riley's involvement and how much or little he's going to be informed about Buffy/Buffybot and how Xander is going to make this big decision. I've also got some inklings in mind for Jonathon and the return to Sunnydale by Anya and Oz, possibly including a confrontation over Buffy's resurrection by Paige, Piper and Phoebe.

I also have a scene working itself out to bring Castiel from Supernatural and Buffy into a meeting in wherever-she-is ... but again, the scene hasn't completely fleshed itself out yet.

What I need is like 6-months off of work to just focus on all of these things.... Publisher's, are you listening to me?   :-)

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