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So, tomorrow night, my "Life-Partner's" ex-wife and his daughter will be arriving. Amanda, the daughter, is moving in with us for awhile. Now, thankfully, she's 19 and an adult, because I can't deal with kids over the long term. But Amanda is great, so I don't anticipate any major adjustments... except that her dad is going overboard preparing for her stay (new towels, new washcloths, new fancy candles....).

Why don't WE get new bath towels??


Also, on Saturday I'm having my parents for dinner (which I'm cooking myself, thank you very much). Tom (the 'partner') wanted to put it off, but I said no because I had this planned first... before the ex-wife's and daughter's visit. It annoyed me that a week before this big dinner, he suddenly wants to cancel it just because his family will be her a few days... did I make too much of this?

Well, it doesn't matter... dinner stops for no man (or women). Now, my parents have met Amanda before and she visits with them at Christmas and such so it doesn't seem like a big deal. I can't remember if they've ever met Lorraine (the ex-wife). So... why am I suddenly feeling so anxious?

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