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Still working on being Buried Alive

I'm still working on this movie review... it just isn't terribly engaging, although it isn't a poor movie either. It sure as hell isn't a "Night Scream" chiller though! And, I hate one of the main characters who is taking up way too much time with his self-involved whine-fest. Still plugging away and I've made headway tonight.

I've actually wrote a bit in Spanderverse this week too. Lots of dialog in my head, it's just getting it all typed out and I still don't know exactly how I'm going to handle the battle scenes with Razor and his demon hoard. I don't want Xander or Spike getting knocked out yet again and even in my head the fight scenes are seeming repetitive. Still, at least the muse is stirring after a very deep slumber.

I haven't watched Supernatural yet tonight, but I'm still reeling over the revelation about Cas and somebody we thought he killed, but obviously didn't. I am loving the 'more Bobby' we're getting and that Castiel will obviously be a focus for the last episodes of the season. I just hope they do justice to this storyline, as I often find the writing on this series a bit less than it should have been.

Once I get through this movie review, I'll be doing an Angel comic and then BTVS: Reptile Boy next.
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