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My Buffy Poll Catch Up posting.

Oh, hey folks - I'm here! I'm here!

I miss blathering on with all of my opinions nearly daily. I *know* you miss it, too. (I'm sticking my fingers in my ears, so I can't hear you disagree!)

With the new work schedule, I'm afraid I'm constantly behind now and there are TWO Buffy polls over at gabrielleabelle's that I've managed to miss since whenever I last posted, so without further ado... my completely unsolicited opinions on "The Freshman" poll and "Living Conditions" poll.

You may now thank me.


In this episode, Giles attempts to refrain from helping Buffy so as to grant her her independence. Of course, he has a turnaround by the end of the episode, but do you think that this was a good idea?

I'm sympathetic with Giles, so I answer 'yes', but not for the reason given in the poll. I don't think it was so much that Buffy had left the Council, but that it was sign of respect by Giles for how far Buffy had come as an independent woman and Slayer. He was trying to push Buffy to not just go forward without the Council, but to go forward without him as a crutch. He was much more confident in Buffy's being able to handle things all by herself than she is at this point. For a Watcher, I imagine it was really difficult for him to admit (or just think, regardless of reality - dependent on how you feel about Buffy's ability to do this without help) that she didn't actually require his guidence any longer. It kinda makes me love Giles just a little bit more (which is not easy, as I was pretty much head over heels for him in the car at the end of 'Innocence').

Some people think that Sunday too easily defeated Buffy in their first fight. What say you?

I disagree with this. I think it's been shown multiple times that whenever Buffy is feeling unsure or down on herself, her abilities suffer. There seems to be a link between a Slayer's self-confidence and her abilities that has never been stated outright, but can be drawn from episodes past (or it's just convenient writing that I'm now trying to fan-wank into meaning).

This episode attempts to capture the college experience here in the States. Did it succeed?

I'm not sure. I went to a small college and it was nothing like Sunnydale's UC campus/extension.

We meet Olivia in this episode. She appears to be a "grown up friend" for Giles. How serious do you think their relationship is?

Ah, the 'old friend' who we've never heard of before. I'll go with "friend's with benefits, when they're both in the same place and un-partnered". It might have grown into more at least on Giles' part, but obviously Olivia couldn't handle certain truths that Giles exposed her to (see the amazing 'Hush').

This season has some significant cast changes. Foremost of which, we start out without Angel and Cordelia. Let's start with Angel first. Miss him?

I went with the "other answer" choice. I really like Angel, but he and Buffy's on-again/off-again/not-really-together-but-sort-of-are-anyway thing was played out too long as it was. This was a really necessary development. And, it allowed Angel's character to actually develop independently of Buffy, which was urgently needed. This was a good thing.

Now Cordy. Miss her?

I did, actually. I really want a scene with the divine Ms. C reaming out Buffy over her lack of self-confidence post-first-Sunday-fight. That would have been an awesome Charisma scene. For the poll, I went with 'yes, but it's okay because she moved to AtS'.

What about the high school setting? You miss that?

At this point, I went with 'no, the show needed to grow', but I will admit that the 'college metaphor' never worked as well in retrospect as the 'high school metaphor' did.

Some people think that the professor berating Buffy during class and kicking her out was over-the-top. What say you?

Yeah, I think that was a little ridiculous. Maybe this sort of thing would happen on a huge city campus, but I never saw anything close to this at the college I went to. I can't imagine this happening, although, I could see somebody being ridiculed for being caught talking during a lecture.

Pretend you're a movie reviewer and give this episode a star rating:

Oh, I don't know. I wasn't all that impressed with this season opener, but I wasn't bored either. And, I did like Sunday's bitchiness. Perhaps a 3.25, 3.50 range? I'll choose 3 stars.

And, as a double post treat, because I like you so - "Living Conditions" on the same post!! Aren't I awesome (*cough-cough*)?!

Why don't we use the scale for a question here. While Kathy was, undoubtedly, an annoying roomie, some have pointed out that Buffy wasn't too hot a roommate, herself. She left gum on the night table, drank the last of Kathy's milk, and was short-tempered with Kathy even before the soul-sucking. On the scale below, Buffy sits at 1 and Kathy sits at 10. Choose who you think was more annoying (and to what degree) along that spectrum. So if they're equally annoying, pick one of the middle numbers.

I had to go with an '8', meaning that Kathy was more annoying, because I'm not convinced that "Kathy" hadn't been soul-sucking almost immediately in order to hide her presence from her family. After all, I'm sure she knew them well enough to know that they'd be tracking her down. And without that moral conscience that demons aren't burdened with, there was nothing stopping her from immediately draining Buffy before we become aware that something weird is going on.

Funniest scene?

Willow on the phone to Giles. Seth Green's scenes with the mime comment and the 'evil park bench' comment were hilarious, too. But, for my money, her "I sent the homicidal crazy Slayer to you, okay?" chirpy comment was the funniest. She like doesn't even recognize the inherent danger she just put Giles in! I can just imagine Giles hanging up the phone and then suddenly realizing what he might be in for and getting an "Oh, crap" look on his face, while Willow blithely runs off to her next class. LOL

Oh, man, but I love the "evil toe nails" scene, too!

This is the first episode with Parker. Are there any signs of his upcoming douchebaginess in this episode?

Ugh. The Parker business: most boring development on Buffy. But, I will say that here he seems okay.

Pretend you're a movie reviewer and give this episode a star rating:

Despite my love of certain lines and their delivery, this isn't an episode that I feel the need to rewatch. It's certainly not as brilliant as the comedic Dopplegangland or anything. I'll go with a solid 3 stars.

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