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What is happening, where are the reviews?!

Hello, gang. I already told you about the shift change in another post and the hideous customer service work of depression and horror I've been stuck with.

Well, in addition, it is Spring (allegedly... it's awfully friggin' cold) which means that the ice sheaths from the north are traveling downriver. Canada can't seem to keep their ice to themselves (I kid, I love you guys).

So, after being stuck on-island on Monday, I made the escape window on Tuesday and have been at my parents' house all week. That has meant no more access to my Buffy-things, and my next plan for her is definitely a comic review.

I'm not sure about what is happening this weekend. I'm suspecting I'll get to go home tomorrow morning, but may have to make an early escape on Monday and spend another week in Ferndale. The blog of one of the islanders is keeping tabs on the situation, and it doesn't look so swell. (That would be the link at the bottom of each entry on the journal page.)

The next WATCHERS review is still on tap for this weekend, whether from home or the parents'. I'm also very aware that I have a poll to blab on about over at My Buffyholism, as well. I answered and submitted, but I haven't had a chance to sit down and post an answers entry here. I'll make that a priority with the WATCHERS review this weekend.

03/27/11 - EDIT: I'm half way through the WATCHERS review and hope to get it posted tomorrow before work. I never did get home. It looks like it will be another week before I can get there, if the news so far holds out. Last year, I spent a total of a month off island (it was about two weeks in a row then, too) so if I can't return home this week, I'm still ahead of last year's nightmare. I still want to be home, though. See - if PCH had actually delivered my $10-mil, I wouldn't be going through this right now... *grumble, grumble*  EDIT the Edit: Well, that worked out well, as you can see by the review having been posted... oh, wait....  *grrrooaaan*

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