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One of those update plan posts where I lie and lie and lie....

Back from work and before I go to bed, I just wanted to let you know what is on tap this week (assuming I stick with the 'little bit every morning, finish on the weekend' plan):

I've started the Inca Mummy Girl review for BTVS, S2, E4.

I owe y'all BTVS:S 8 review since I've just finished the two issues of Angel focusing on Drusilla. That issue will be #24, the one with Faith and Giles on a mission (which we needed so much more of, damn it).

I've been wanting, since the very first movie review I posted, to do a Godzilla, King of the Monsters/Gojira double-post. Considering the awful news out of Japan in their ongoing crisis, well... talk about tacky timing. So, I'll have to put of the kaiju reviews a bit longer. Instead, we'll be returning to the 50-Pack Night Screams collection with Buried Alive - which isn't as horror oriented as it sounds. It's another of those 'thrillers' from the 30's that play more like a drama.

Once those two are in the bag, we'll be returning to a WATCHERS review and then starting the cycle over again - probably switching from a Buffy episode to a Buck Rogers, but trying to plan that far out is a fool's game I've played far too often before.


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