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The Prom poll from days ago...

The My Buffyholism poll for The Prom....

Joyce visits Angel and tells him that he needs to make "the hard choices", essentially letting him know that she would prefer Angel not be dating Buffy. Was Joyce in the right for going to Angel with her concerns without talking to Buffy?

Since Joyce is the mother of a minor, teenaged girl, I tend to give her a lot of leeway in what she does. I think she made the right choice to have a private conversation with the 'older man' about her daughter and I don't think she had to go to Buffy about it first.

In fact, talking to Buffy wouldn't have done a bit of good - something that Joyce surely realizes on her own. She probably already knew that her daughter was lost in love and would blow her off. I'm on Joyce's side on this one. Notice that Joyce isn't ordering Angel away... she's just asking him to remember that for all of Buffy's responsibilities and maturity when it comes to her Calling, in this she is still the young teenager who only knows that she wants to be with him. It will fall on Angel to keep a level head and really think things through.

On that note, Angel's clearly been concerned about his relationship with Buffy since the previous episode. Would he have still broken up with her if Joyce hadn't talked to him?

I think that Angel eventually would have. Joyce may have sped things up by confronting him as someone who loves Buffy, rather than one of her enemies trying to screw with her head, but he was already heading in the direction of Buffy deserving a more normal lover who could do all of those things that entails, including even having children of her own one day. The break up was coming - but Angel's timing is callous. He didn't need to do this until after the Mayor situation was resolved, and he sure didn't need to do so right as Buffy is being all bubbly about the big night ahead. Sometimes, even when he's ostensibly doing the right thing, he sucks.

Angel breaks up with Buffy with the reasoning that he can't give her what she needs and that he wants better for her. Is this the correct decision? I'm gonna let you all pick multiple answers on this one. .

I only had two choices I went with. The first will no doubt cause some rankling, but I just don't think that Buffy could ever have a healthy relationship with a vampire... Angel? Half of their time was spend with her crying, or hitting, or both. Spike? They were never better than when they weren't having sex (but that first time with the house destruction... ooo, mama!).

I think this is more Buffy's issues than the supernatural aspect of a potential vampire-boyfriend, though. It feels to me that Buffy has always been at war with herself over who she wants to be: Relatively Normal Girl with Superpowers/Destiny on the side, or Slayer with Aspects of Normality on the side. It's an important difference in how she sees herself.

It feels to me that anytime she tries to push one of those sides to the forefront, she gets into trouble. She seems to need that tension between these two 'wants' in order for her to remain balanced, and her having a vampire-boyfriend takes away too much from her being 'Normal Girl', because the vampire's very presence is wrapped up in the Slayer identity.

I'm not sure I'm wording this very clearly - I think Angel's reasoning is somewhat faulty. It's not that HE is bad for her, or that the curse makes things impossible for them, or that he can't have kids with her but that the fact he is a vampire all of the time is bad for her, because it throws her out of balance.

Do you think Angel leaving Buffy at this point was ultimately a good thing for her?


Do you think Angel leaving Buffy at this point was ultimately a good thing for Angel?

Even more of a yes. Angel's leaving Buffy was another in a step on his journey to have his life be about him and his choices about his own redemption for his past, rather than it being about protecting/shielding Buffy.

People can share their lives, but one individual's life shouldn't revolve completely around keeping someone else happy, and that is basically what Angel's life was about once he'd come to Sunnydale.

Both he and Buffy (but especially him) had a lot of self-awareness and personal growth to go through before they could've had anything healty long-term. And, even then, I'm not convinced that they could have overcome the issue with Buffy being out of balance with herself by being involved with a vampire (in S3 ... by S8, it feels like Buffy has finally resolved this inner struggle between 'Girl' and 'Slayer'). Her and Angel or her and Spike could revisit the issue now, maybe, though I'd rather they just didn't.

Anya, when asking Xander to the prom, mentions that he's "not quite as obnoxious as most of the alpha males around here". Is Xander an alpha male?


Buffy hits a big feel-good moment when given the Class Protector Award in this episode. A common criticism of Joss' shows is that he's too angst-happy and rarely allows his characters to be happy. Are there any future moments in BtVS that match the feel-goodedness of this particular moment?

I'm trying to think of some moment like this one. The closest I'm coming is her realizing she isn't alone anymore and doesn't have that weight on her shoulders as the end of 'Chosen'. It may have ended after that moment, as soon as we fade out, but it was there - a small smile of real joy at their winning.

You know, this does feel to me like it may have been the happiest moment in the show....

Prom Fashion - Girls

I went with Willow being the most beautiful. Aly looks amazing in that dress.

Prom Fashion - Men

All of the guys look pretty much the same in a tux. Oz' was a little different, so I was tempted to choose him just for that alone. But, in the end, I found Xander to be unusually dashing, so that is who I went with.

I see Giles got the most votes and that is also a really good choice, but I always find Giles has 'dashing' about him. It's unusual for me to look at Xander and think of that adjective, so I went with Xan this time.

Pretend you're a movie reviewer and give this episode a star rating.

For now, I'm going with middle of the pack -- 3. I may bump this up to 3.25 or 3.50 when I actually get to its review.

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