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NASA love.

I won't even pretend that I understand exactly how science knows what they assure us they know, because it is all so esoteric that I don't get it (I can't even do algebra, but they all act like this advanced theoretical math model thing actually means something real). But, I can appreciate, in my entirely plebeian, only some college educated, satellite imagery way, what space scientist/physicist are trying to discover about the cosmos and our entire existence.

One of the most beautiful images I've seen, and I do know it is because of computer manipulation and not necessarily "naked eye" sight, is the remnants of Supernovae. Though horrible, in their destructive power, the images of them - so long as they remain far away and ergo of the past - are also rather pretty and quite awesome.

This is especially true of Cass A. We're learning new details from those with the knowledge who kind of understand why things are the way they are all the time (unless you subscribe to the 'God is why, let's not ask questions' school of philosophy) and we're continuing to study this supernovae remnant. The latest is here.

Now, they can explain 'neutron superfluids' all they like - I'm not going to get it. But, I rather believe them, than those who wanted to condemn Galileo for believing the Earth wasn't the center of the universe and Copernicus was correct.

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