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Supernatural rec post

I'm going to join hells_half_acre in strongly recommending this Supernatural graphic remix thingie that has been created and posted by heathyr_iltp. They're fun, a little sardonic and I wish my life followed this motto:

You should leap OVER THERE to Heathyr Feathyr's site right now and check out 'em all out! There are 17 of them... I also love the 'hero origin' one and the Cas/Dean 'I hear your thoughts' one. You know what, I just like them all. Why are you still here?

Just a side note, as well, that my next review will be for 1957s "The Deadly Mantis", which I had this really strong yen to re-watch for some reason. I'm also going to try to get both BTVS: S8 and Angel: Aftermath's next issue reviews posted this weekend.

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