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The "Choices" poll.

So, I've worked really, really hard tonight. I think that that deserves a reward, so I'm off to the vending machine for chocolate of some sort. But, first, I simply must post the latest poll thoughts from that Buffyholist, gabrielleabelle. It's okay to refer to her as a Buffy-addict, her page name spotlights it!  :-)

Oh, I should probably mention that this would be for the S3 episode, "Choices", in which Faith continues to make really poor ones.

After Willow is captured, there's a fight among the group as to whether to trade the box to get her back. What do you think?

Well, logically, of course they should have destroyed the box (or ran away with it) and then worried about trying to rescue Willow afterward. But, honestly, who in their right mind would want BTVS sans Willow?! WHO?! I really want to know so I can publically berate you (I kid!).

So, ultimately, I must take the coward's wait out once again and choose, "not sure" ....

Willow tells Faith that it's "way too late" for Faith to come back. Is Faith past the point of no return?

You know, even at this late date, I think if Faith had helped Willow escape the gang could have taken her back in. Well, not Xander. But everyone else could have done it, even Buffy, hard as it may have been. But she didn't. She just kept clinging to Team Mayor-McSnake. So, I had to go with 'there is always a way back', even though that flies in the face of my usual pessimism. Maybe I'm just blinded by my Faith-love.

This episode focuses heavily on the fact that Buffy is stuck in Sunnydale. Presumably, previous Slayers have lived elsewhere. Is Buffy really confined to the Hellmouth?

She's not really stuck, if she truly decided to run (as she has done). But, if she wants to be the 'responsible Slayer', then yes for all intents and purposes she has to remain where the world's active Hellmouth is being all active. I don't like "most definitely" or "she should be stationed over a Hellmouth", so by default I'll go with the "Council is a bunch of no good liar-guys (and girls)".

The Mayor brings up some questions about the future of the Buffy/Angel relationship. Specifically, he mentions Angel's immortality, allergy to sunlight, and curse as being insurmountable obstacles to them being together. Do you think he has a point?

He definitely had a good point, but I don't think he's all together correct. It would take a lot of work, and there would be rough spots, but I don't think their differences by themselves make their being together insurmountable. His curse isn't a factor (though no one thinks it through to realize this) because once he's aware of it, it would constantly be on his mind. There is no way (absent magic or powerful drugs) he'd be able to achieve that perfect happiness, again. Especially not with Angelus always waiting in the wings to repeat what he did last time.

The immortality issue would present the real roadblock, because short of making Buffy a vampire and then re-ensouling her, the Mayor is probably right. As Buffy kept getting older and Angel didn't, it would just continue to be more difficult to overlook what was happening. Now, Buffy and Angel are exceptional (after all, they both have shows named after them) so maybe they could get through that, too. But, maybe not. Although, a larger problem might be with Buffy's maturing. As we grow older and more experienced, we change opinions and feelings. Buffy is still stuck in this 'young love' phase, but how will she feel as she continues to change and grow... especially since Angel seems to have a lot of trouble with that (judging by the number of times he backslides on his own show).

The sunlight issue isn't really a problem. Slayers need little sleep, apparently, because Buffy is constantly wandering around all day and still hunting at night. There isn't any reason she couldn't continue to straddle both worlds, especially when Angel is sleeping.

Buffy is eager to go on the offensive in this episode and take the fight to the Mayor. Is this a good idea?

Yes, it is. If you wait for him to be ready to strike, then he already has the advantage. You've allowed him to 'power up', organize, plan and anticipate your resistence.

In the middle of Willow's escape attempt, she plops down and starts reading the Books of Ascension. Smart idea?

Dumb idea. I could see her grabbing the last book or two in the set and then making a run for it....

Willow chooses to stay in Sunnydale while claiming that she's doing so more to fight evil than because of Buffy. Despite her protestations to the contrary, how much do you think Buffy's presence factors into Willow's decision to stay? 1 = Not at all; 10 = Buffy is the sole reason she's staying.

I think Buffy's staying plays a big role in Willow wanting to stay, but I also have zero doubt that she'd go on fighting evil even if Buffy went away. Since I'm on the fence I'll just say 5.

Pretend you're a movie reviewer and give this episode a star rating.

I never really got into this episode as a whole, actually. I'm going to go with the average rating: 3.

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