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Views from the Island ... fresh off the digital camera.

We have snow... again. It's light, but it is large flakes drifting down. It'd be serene if I wasn't worried about having to go out and shovel... again. I had to get out of the house awhile. It feels like an anchor tied around my neck lately. So, while out, I was fortunate enough to have two Coast Guard ships out breaking ice and one of our passing freighters.

I ergo present another "Views from the Island" post:

  Our fire department.

  From S. Channel and LaCroix. Across the way is Canada.

  Same place, facing the opposite direction (Southbound).

  Just on the other side of San Souci, again looking across the S. Channel.

  Our local Coast Guard cutting ice.

  Zoom lens-ed.

  Our Canadian neighbors on escort duty.

  Zoom lens-ed. I think they're on the International Border.

  I shoulda become a freighter deckhand... wait, it smells like burning oil. Never mind.

  Winter will not stop the ore (or coal?) shipments.

  Bye, guys! (They're going toward Port Huron.)

  Arrgghckk. The sad tragedy which is me.

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