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We have Buffy Poll....

My Buffyholism is Showing's latest poll is for the episode, Earshot.

Even though Buffy had called a break with Angel at the end of the previous episode, he "tracks" her in this one to keep her safe.
Romantic or creepy?

Well, we have a choice for both, so that is what I'll go with. I mostly find it just irritating, though. By this time in the series, I was over the Bangel love and was really wondering just how long they could string this relationship out. I mean, they already know they can't be together (Which still makes zero sense by the way. Once Angel was aware of the curse, there is no way sex with Buffy would allow him that sense of bliss again. Therefore, they could be together in all senses of the word without him finding that true moment of 'perfect happiness'.), so just what is the point of them continuing to do this dance?

Why are they putting themselves, and each other, through this?

Actually, I guess I do get it. Buffy is a teenager in love and she can't just throw this relationship on the trash-heap. Angel hasn't been involved with anyone in who knows how long, and he's certainly not been in love (possibly in ever - I tend to think that Angelus was too much the narcissist to love anyone but himself, including Darla), so of course he isn't mature enough (yet) to get that he's doing more harm than good by staying.

It is still irritating to me as a fan though. As my mother would say, "Shit or get off the pot".

Let's keep things to the regular cast members (and Wesley). Whose thoughts amused you most?

For amusing, I'm going to go with Cordelia's "I think it, I say it". But Xander's sex obsession, Oz' existensialism and Joyce's fear of Buffy finding out about her and Giles (which of course happens, since she's thinking about it) are all pretty funny.

In trying to reassure Buffy, Angel tells her that he doesn't want a "bad girl". Some people find this questionable given his later relationship with Darla in AtS. What say you?

I feel that he's being truthful as far as he knows it. He thinks that when he dusted Darla, he also dusted all of the desires she engendered in him. He's convinced that he wants a 'good girl' at this point in his unlife. I'm just not convinced that we can change what we want that quickly or easily. He's not lying to Buffy, but it's certainly possible ... maybe probable... that he isn't able to recognize the complicated truth, however.

In the same scene, Angel tells Buffy that he's only loved one person in his entire life/unlife. Again, some people would disagree and say he loved Darla. Your thoughts?

Again, I'm saying that he's being truthful here. While there is an unquestionable bond between he and Darla and he and Drusilla, Buffy is the only one he could love. Angelus is simply too wrapped up in himself to love anyone outside of his own ego.

In the midst of trying to find Jonathan - who the Scoobies think is gonna kill everyone - Xander gets sidetracked by Jello. Some people complain that this is out of character for him. Do you agree?

Yeah, I'd say it was out of character on behalf of the humorous discovery of the lunch lady as culprit. It's okay to be out of character for a quick comedy moment, so I let that slide, but in actuality I'd like to think it would take a bit more than jello to distract from finding and stopping a student massacre.

Some people have suggested that Buffy's jealousy of Faith in this episode is a cover for her more serious nervousness about seeing "Angelus" again in the previous episode. Agree?

It's far too complex for a simple answer. Buffy struggles not only with her fear of Angel's act as Angelus (which was just a little too on the nose for her), but also with a general sense of insecurity about Faith. She's a walking sexpot and with Buffy's general distrust of men due to Angel and her father, I'm sure that watching Angel make out with Faith is doing a major number on her head.

It wouldn't surprise me if she's wondering (but doesn't want to ask because she doesn't want it to look like she doesn't trust Angel) just how far Angel took the deception with Faith when she wasn't around.

Pretend you're a movie reviewer and give this episode a star rating.

3.50 or 3.75 would be my gut reaction... I'll put 4 stars for the poll.

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