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More YouTube Recommend.

So, I'm surfing YouTube because I'm NOT leaving for TN... which is personal, so I don't want to get into it. The main point is that I found this Dean/Buffy/Riley video that caught my eye.

I'm not even that enamored of the song, but I love the visuals. Mostly, but not exclusively, because it incorporates teen!Dean, putting him in Sunnydale High so he can meet Buffy. Well, we already know how he and Sam were yanked from school to school by John.

So, Buffy has to move on to Riley. Of course, older-20-something Dean has to look her up when he's next in the area, even though high school is behind them both.

I like the implied story arc of this one, but I'm even more impressed with how teenager Dean was incorporated into Buffy's high school. So I had to favorite it, which means I must recommend you bounce over there to check it out. And you know that I know how important to you my opinion is... :-)

White Horse: Dean/Buffy/Riley

And the full list of my YouTube fan-video obsession is Right About Here.


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