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Supernatural Story Rec

I have found the most interesting and greatly written fic, so I'm sharing with y'all, before I go get back to my The Poseidon Adventure review. I am seriously loving this story... enough to get involved in a WIP, which I ordinarily try like hell not to do.

And, it is good enough that I had to friend the author so I can keep up with the latest update. This is a Dean/Castiel story, but it uniquely has them as not having sex (yet, anyway). Rather, it is a pairing based on Castiel's war up in Heaven during the current season (Sam is still soulless robo-Sam). Cas is fighting with one arm tied behind his back, metaphorically, due to his fear of falling from Heaven should his Grace be corrupted by his actions.

In order to help him be freed, Dean offers his unconditional help, and that turns out to be to hold a piece of Castiel's Grace within him.

Sam and Bobby make certain assumptions about Cas and Dean's relationship because of the changes that the Grace brings about in Dean... added to all of those longing stares that us fans have turned into slashtastic moments....

In the meantime, the war goes roughly on Castiel... not only the battles against his brothers and sisters, but the impact that his violence is having on what remains of his inner Grace.

I'm not ready to put a 'score' on this, since it is a WIP, but I can tell you I love Dean's, Castiel's and Bobby's voices. I love the descriptions and the scene set ups. I love the quiet desperation of Cas and the strength of Dean on his behalf. And, I love how the canon S6 events are woven into the background, while the focus remains on Dean and Cas' struggles.

So, leap out to MisAnnThropic's journal and get involved in "Saving Grace" as well. I've linked to the master post, where you can easily find Chapter 1.
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