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I was putzing around on the computer earlier today yesterday because the county had been out to do some water pipe repair. They brought along their backhoe, and managed to sever my DSL line, so I didn't have the internet. Fiending and wondering what in the world I was gonna do without youtube, I just started clicking folders to see what was in 'em.

Along the way, I ran into a Buffy/Faith vid by one of my Friends Page friended-faux-cyber-friends, Stormwreath, whose Buffy Meta for season 8 I had always enjoyed. Now, apparently, I downloaded this video to my hard drive at some point, but I completely did not remember having done so, or the video's details... probably because I had done so waaaaayyyyy back in 2009 and then didn't move it to a place where I would regularly see it. Because, I'm brilliant that way.

Well, with no access to por--- uh, to uh, youtube I was excited to have found a video that I could watch. So, when I played it, I'm like "Hey, that was good! I wonder why I don't have this favorited on YouTube... I'll have to jump out there and see if I can find it". Shortly after this, I then said, "Dork-ass?! You don't have internet access."

Thankfully, ATT was right on top of things and they got my access back with a new line, same day I called! Now, how awesome was that?

Un-thankfully, I then discovered that this video was, in fact, not on YouTube at all (which sort of explains why I had to download it in the first place). Well, a quick email to StephenT and I was provided with a link to the page on which this video may be found, so that I could then post this long rambling thing in order to recommend it.

So, stop reading my blather and go. The page has a list of Stormwreath's BTVS videos which I'll enjoy watching when I'm not here (work). But my recommend is for When Did the Light Die?

I'll also be adding this to the YouTube Roundup page, even though the linkage isn't there, because I'm not only brilliant, but also a rebel.

(Oh, and also, I completely stole Stormwreath's manip for my user pic featured on this post - because I'm brilliant, a rebel, and a thief)
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