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Dopplegangland poll - Can anyone dislike this episode?

The Dopplegangland Poll... you are participating in the Buffy polls over yonder, aren't you?

Anya complains that she's flunking math. This seems strange given her later comment (in S7) that she's "good with math". Is this an inconsistency in her character?

Nah. Anya is like me -- fine with the basics, completely lost when we get to the "two trains are travelling" word problems, or the whole algebra, a+8= XYSZS ... explain why... HUH?CAKES.

At the beginning of the episode, Buffy tells Willow that she sympathizes with Faith because "different circumstances, that could have been [her]". Willow vehemently disagrees with her. What say you?

I have to agree with Buffy. The alterna-verse that the very vamp!Willow displayed here is from shows that we don't know everything about who Buffy might have been. Without the support structures she has in her personal life, and with the right circumstances, she could have been... well, not exactly Faith, but maybe Faith!Lite.

Percy and Willow have different interpretations of what Snyder asked Willow to do. Percy says that he meant Willow was supposed to do his homework for him. Willow thinks he meant that she was supposed to tutor Percy so he could do his own homework. Which did Snyder mean?

Sorry, Wills... you weren't getting the point that Snyder was trying to make without saying. He wants you to do whatever is necessary to keep Percy on team... up to and including writing his papers for him. Snyder is the worst sort of 'educator'... i.e. one who isn't.

Upon meeting her vampire self, Willow is dismayed that she is so "evil and skanky" and kinda gay. Buffy attempts to reassure her that a vampire's personality has nothing to do with the person it was. Angel starts to disagree, but a look from Buffy shuts him up. Buffy's spouting the Council party line. How true is it?

I wasn't really happy with the options here, so went with "I have another explanation", which I'm actually getting directly from Darla's mouth. The personality of their host influences everything the individual vampire becomes.

They aren't completely different beings, at all. They just aren't the same either. It's an uncomfortable blend of the basic flaws of the person who was bit, added to the demonic appetites, lust for destruction and spirit of transgression that is part of the demonic spirit altering the body for use.

I think by that glance with Angel, Buffy already knows this too. Buffy isn't so much spouting the Council line as she is trying to reassure Willow... making her feel better after the trauma of meeting herself as so evil. Willow finds it awful to think that she could have those traits in her and Buffy wants to glide over that by telling her the demonic version of her has nothing to do with who she is, but Buffy herself doesn't actually believe that.

Buffy's reaction to Angel's objection there suggests that she agrees with him - that vampires can take on aspects of the human's personality. This means that Buffy is going against the party line. Does she agree with Angel?

Ah, see... exactly what I said above. Yes, Buffy knows better, but this isn't about 'the truth', it's about comforting human Willow.

Cordelia acts very callous about the apparent death (and vampness) of Willow in this episode. She segues from a very brief moment of mourning to asking Wesley out. Is this in character for Cordelia at this point or was her characterization sacrificed for a laugh?

My first impulse was to answer that her character was sacrificed for the laugh, but I ended up with "not sure". Cordy is alienated from the Scoobies, especially from Willow for her indiscretion with Xander. Is she really that shallow, still, though? I don't think she is, but I do think she'd ACT that shallow toward anything to do with any one of them for her own emotional benefit... a sort of verbal 'raspberry at you guys' moment for herself, to remind herself that she never really considered them friends, anyway. And thereby 'proving' to herself that she isn't still hurt by Xander's actions.

I think when she was alone, she probably had a brief moment where she felt genuine regret and a hint of true sadness for Willow's apparent fate, but it isn't something she'd ever be public about or dwell on. Unfortunately, we don't get to see her when she isn't with Wes or the gang to know for sure.

Pretend you're a movie reviewer and give this episode a star rating.

I'm relatively sure this will end up a 4.75 on my (eventual, if I ever get that far) review... so I'll give it the five star for the poll. I love, love, love this episode and Aly is perfect throughout.

Now, get over there.
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