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Buck Rogers Best of/Worst of

Buck Rogers' Best/Worst Moments:

Yes, Buck will now be joining my Best/Worst moments-a-thon, although with being a semi-major character I feel I must include Dr. Huer, Dr. Theopolous and Twiki - and finding any actual good moments for them could become difficult in many, many episodes.

Let's start off, logically enough, with the theater-released version of "Awakening" which is what is on the DVD release (even though its story menu states Part I and Part II - it is actually one long 'movie').

Character's Best Moments:

Buck Rogers: His best moment to me is when he has single handedly managed to sneak around the hanger bay and load bombs in the 'impulse engines' of the Hatchet Fighters. I mean, he very nearly wipes out Ardala's entire fleet of attack craft before they can launch their way toward Earth... not bad at all.

Wilma Deering: I like Wilma's coming to the rescue of Buck, Twiki and Theo in the burning and exploding hangar bay aboard the bad guys' ship. That took guts and determination.

Dr. Huer: Not a lot of moments for the Doctor, but I did enjoy his diplomatic rebuff of Kane's attempts to wheedle out information about Earth's main communications site.

Twiki: Again, not many moments for Twiki, except as a smart-ass and carrier of Theopolous. I'll say his managing to sneak up on our hero Buck and remove his sidearm (obviously before they discovered he wasn't in league with the bad guys) was a fine moment. Although, how he was supposed to have squeezed the trigger if need be with those paddle hands is a lingering question.

Dr. Theopolous: For being an artificial intelligence, the good Doctor is rather dense. Finding actual fine moments for him is going to be the most difficult of all. Best Moment? I'll say his ability to express such a sympathetic tone for Buck, upon our Captain discovering his parents' gravestones - dateless, because they died after the first nuclear exchange sometime, when calendar dates stopped having any meaning. That was a very 'human' moment for a big disc shaped computer.

Worst Moments:

Buck Rogers: Buck wandering out without any weaponry whatsoever to original Chicago's ruins, even after he knows about the wandering savage mutants bands was extraordinarily dumb. He also chose to leave late in the day and travel on foot without any supplies, with no hope that he could explore and get back to the city's protection. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Wilma Deering: Ugh, Wilma's suddenly going all weak-kneed over Buck as soon as Ardala showed up in her bikini-outfit was not a fine moment for this otherwise strong and independent woman.

Dr. Huer: I don't recall Huer having any really weak moments to list here.

Twiki: Dancing, "Get down!", Future-Disko!Twiki is a sight I could have done without. Stick to performing your within-show function of carrying Dr. Theo and helping Buck, and stay away from the odious-komedy relief.

Dr. Theopolous: Allowing Buck to wander a ravaged original Chicago without any weapons or supplies... and even accompanying him on this ill-fated trip was not a shining moment, Theo.

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