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Buffy episode poll - Consequences

The Consequences Poll, which by the way, you can take right about HERE.

Wesley is insistent that Buffy and Faith look into the murder of Finch against Buffy and Giles' protests that it's not supernatural-related. Putting aside the fact that Buffy and Faith were responsible, is it an investigation for the Slayers?

At first glance, I'd say that my answer would be 'No'. However, I think Wes should have been in charge of gathering the initial information on Finch's death. When the autopsy reported the wood splinters in the chest wound, that would be weird enough that I could see him making it a Slayer case... so, actually, I guess my ultimate answer turns out to be 'Yes'... but not because "It's an important enough case", so much as "It has a weird piece of evidence which may indicate the death isn't a random, human crime and should be looked at further".

Let's do some scaling. How culpable do you think Buffy is for Allan Finch's death? 1 = Not at all; 10 = Completely.

A 1. As far as I can see, Buffy isn't culpable for Allan's death, at all. She is responsible for hiding Faith's involvement and keeping silent about what happened, but not for the death.

Same question, but for Faith this time. 1= Not at all; 10 = Completely.

I'm really struggling with this. Is Faith culpable? Yes. But to what degree? Allan came out of a dark alley, unannounced, approaching the Slayers from behind. They'd just gotten finished fighting for their lives. Surely Allan himself has to accept a small bit of the blame for the tragedy that occurred? But Faith is culpable... she should have checked her target before getting stabby. As someone who's responsibility encompasses protecting 'civilians', she should be in the habit of always checking her own reactions until she can confirm the threat. But under these circumstances, I can also see how the tragic accident occurred, so it's hard for me to *blame* her completely.

So... how much culpability do I want to assign to her for this case of mistaken identity? I'm just not sure... I'll say 6, but this could be anywhere between 4 and 8, depending on the minute.

The Mayor wonders if Allan was going to betray him to the Slayers. Do you think that's why Finch was in the alley?

Yes, I do. I don't think Allan knew what exactly was going on with the Mayor's plans (as mentioned in 'Bad Girls' poll answers), but he certainly knew enough. He got cold feet about the Mayor's dipping into darker and darker rituals and wanted to give the Slayers a heads-up.

Faith justifies the fact that Allan was killed by pointing out that she, as a Slayer, saves many more people every day in her work. Does this make
sense to you?

No. Absolutely not. The fact it was an accident and the fact he came up from behind her unannounced in a dark alley right after she'd been in a fight with vampires are all mitigating factors, but the 'Hey, I saved more than I killed' doesn't even get on the list of mitigating factors.

Faith further tells Buffy that, as Slayers, they're warriors and different - better - from other people and should be subject to different rules. How about that?

Oh, her words are correct, but her intent is all wrong. Having Slayer-powers makes the rules more strict for Buffy and Faith (and Willow, Angel, souled-Spike, Connor, etc.). The fact that Faith is a warrior and different doesn't justify anything in this case ... if anything, it just adds to her culpability for not double checking her target before thrusting that stake. Sorry Faith, but your reasoning is just a transparent excuse full of FAIL.

Xander goes to Faith's to try to talk to her. She attacks and attempts to rape him, then proceeds to start choking him. He's rescued by Angel knocking Faith out with a baseball bat. Had Angel no interrupted, how do you think things would have played out? (Killed him? Raped him? Both? Stopped herself?)

I went with 'Other' on this one. I think she would have kept choking him until he was unconscious and then packed her meager belongings and ran. I don't think she's far enough gone to deliberately murder him, and at this point, I don't see her bothering with the time or effort to do anything else. She was momentarily getting off on her power over him, no doubt, but I think she would have stopped when he stopped struggling against her choke hold... if this were a few weeks later though, I'm not as confident she wouldn't have crushed his windpipe.

Wesley interrupts Angel's attempt to connect with Faith. Had Wesley not intervened, do you think Angel would have been successful?

I'm just not sure if Angel's attempts on their own would have been enough to interrupt her downward spiral. Maybe if he had brought Giles back with him to speak to her, once he saw some sort of progress? Faith's big fear was being punished by the Council - Giles' assurances that they could keep the Council out of it, by keeping Wes in the dark might have been enough to allow them to help her deal. Maybe. I'm not sure.

After the Scoobies think Faith is in Wesley's - and the Watcher's - custody, Willow posits that Faith belongs behind bars. What say you?

I went with 'No, Buffy's right about Faith deserving another chance', but only because I disagree with the "tried to kill Xander" assertion, for the reasons explained above. She assaulted him and would have choked him out, but I don't believe she'd have killed him at this point, or that her goal was his death in her motel room.

Having said that, I also don't think that Faith shouldn't be kept under close scrutiny, including confinement at Giles', Angel's or Buffy's until she can prove that she has her head screwed back on straight and has accepted and dealt with Finch's accidental killing.

I guess what I'm saying is that it isn't really a choice between Willow's "lock her up" and Buffy's "no, she needs another chance". I'd side with Buffy here, but just letting her run around unsupervised isn't acceptable either. We need a 'split the difference' answer to this dilemma.

Pretend you're a movie reviewer and give this episode a star rating.

I think I'd give this one between 3 and 4 stars. For the poll, I'll go with three because getting rid of Trick here was a real bummer. He had so much potential and couldn't tap any of it because the Mayor sucked all of the attention up... it's really too bad.

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