harsens_rob (harsens_rob) wrote,

Chapter One of Hunting Our Needs

I've posted the first chapter of the Eleventh Spanderverse story in the spanderverse community.


The gang help out Buffy who has decided to move back home in the wake of Joyce's illness. Joyce is delivered into the hospital's hands for her upcoming surgery. Riley remains unreachable, but Buffy has too much on her mind to worry about that now.

Elsewhere, Warren investigates his new toy, Adam and grows increasingly irritated with his creation, April.


In other news... dental problems have me in pain. Went to the dentist yesterday and he can't find anything major wrong. I had a bit of grinding on one of my teeth in order to change my bite pressure on the molar, which is supposed to stop the nerve from being stressed. It seemed like maybe it worked a bit, but then I had cold milk and it was instant, building agony. I'll give it till Friday and if its not any better than we'll be assuming that there's a micro-fracture that's made its way through to the root. That will mean either yanking the molar or a root canal. Now, usually, in these situations, I just have bad teeth pulled because they've always been a horror story, but I'm sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place: I've already had one molar extracted on the right, so I sort of need the ones on the left (including the current trouble maker) for grinding. On the other hand, I am deathly terrified at the thought of having a root canal (or any digging around) in my gums. I have NEVER had a positive experience with the dentist!

I am SO sick of my teeth... all I've ever gotten with them is trouble and pain. And, the Vicodin I was prescribed is doing little, except making me drowsy... pain is still throbbing though. I should have stuck to the Motrin, I guess.
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