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St. Salieri's Posting:

Chapel of the Patron Saint of Mediocrity has posted a request for everyone to share three good memories of watching BTVS (wait, only three?!). This is so us fans (who, I've noticed, can get right bitchy when arguing the merits of Spuffy vs. Bangel and other fandom stuff) can exclaim the awesomeness of the Buffyverse. Well, how could I ignore that?

1. My introduction to Buffy, The Vampire Slayer. The show that I would never, ever be sucked into watching because the movie was mediocre and it had a stupid title. Then I caught the part of Prophecy Girl when Buffy has her breakdown in the library over her destined death at the hands of The Master and from that moment on I was hooked. Thank you, Joss.

2. Giles and Buffy sitting in his car, her all weepy over the Angel to Angelus transformation and feeling a load of regret. She tells him that he must be so disappointed in her, and he responds that she will never have any less than his support and respect. I cry.

3. The Buffy/Angel love theme ... I love this piece of music dearly. Why have no Olympic skaters presented a routine to that wonderful orchestral score?

Hmmm... all of my happy moments seem to involve Buffy crying, though. Do you think there is something deeply, disturbingly wrong with me?

And because I don't like leaving his show out, I now present three good memories about Angel the Series:

1. Cordelia Chase instantly recognizing that she's in a vampire's lair because of the heavy drapes and no mirrors... and that funny moment right afterward when she realizes she probably shouldn't have pointed that out.

2. Angel (not Angelus) giving the W & H lawyers to Darla and Dru, echoing Leland Manners' line to him earlier regarding their about to be butchered: "And yet, I can't seem to care [closes door on Leland's pleas for help]."  Wow... and Oh, Shit.

3. Faith turning herself into the police and telling Kate that she was ready to make a confession... welcome back to the just, Faith.
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