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Character Bests/Worsts for "The Witch"

Our characters Best/Worst Moments in the Witch:

Another lazy, easy post... I hope you all realize that you're being misled by my
posting these little best/worst blurbs. It's because I'm not working on a review and
you should totally call me out on it. Except, that would be mean, so just pretend
that I'm being awesome... don't worry, I know the truth of the matter.

The Witch (best moments):

Buffy: I'm loving Buffy's punching Catherine over a desk.

Giles: Rupert's berating Catherine for what she was doing to Amy with her god-awful parenting. Okay, he was yelling at the wrong person, but only because the Amy/Catherine body switch had already happened. But, I consider this a step on the path of Giles not treating Buffy like a stereotypical Watcher anymore. Plus, I just like when Giles gets rightfully outraged.

Willow: I'm loving Aly's shit-eating grin when bespelled Buffy tells Xander that she loves him because he's like one of the girls. Willow is adorable. But what makes her cool, is that she doesn't follow up by rubbing Xan's nose in it.

Xander: Xander doesn't have any shining moments either, truthfully. I'll give him the gold star for being so willing to do all of the legwork, consistently. He always offers to run around school and interview people, even though that must be a real trick, since he's not one of the popular people.

Cordelia: Hmmm... Cordelia isn't shown in such a fine light in this episode. In fact, though I find her confrontation with Amy in the locker room amusing, it isn't a good moment for her. I'm afraid I can't name a finest moment for Cordy in this one.

The Witch (worst moments):

Buffy: The Slayer's attempts to surrepticiously grab a bit of Amy's hair from her brush to create the spell detection potion were tragically inept. And, Catherine-in-Amy very easily cottons onto the whole clumsy attempt at being sneaky.

Giles: Rupert doesn't have a very nice moment when he's trying to force Buffy to drop cheerleading. Not only is he demanding about her not having any life outside of Slaying, but he also has a rather sad lack of response when Buffy challenges his supposed authority. Demanding and authoritarian, but also completely ineffective and weak makes a bad moment for the Watcher.

Willow: Oh, Willow ... how easily does she allow Amy to punch her out? Plus, she looks like she has a glass jaw with the way she instantly drops.

Xander: I find Xan's apparent inability to recognize Willow's anvils of interest annoying and self-centered. If I thought Xan was trying to avoid confronting it, I'd be more sympathetic to his plight trying to negotiate around Willow, without ruining their close friendship. But, it always strikes me that he really doesn't see it at all, here, and that's just self-imposed ignorance.

Cordelia: Everyone of Cordy's moments don't make her look so good, as you can tell by my review commentary. I think her worst moment though is being snotty and just plain rude in turning her back on Amber Grove's audition routine. Making snide comments is one thing, but to publicly diss her by turning your back seems more than a bit petty of her.

Oh, and one more thing ... rahirah over at Barb's Journal would like me to let you know the following as a public service announcement, and since it may save lives, I'll do so:

Dragons are nearly unstoppable, and in case you didn't know, they can breathe fire. 93% of people won't copy and paste this, because they have already been eaten by dragons. 6% of people are sitting in the shower, armed with fire extinguishers. The remaining 1% are awesome, and will re-post this.

Now, I've always considered this to be evident (the dragons being dangerous thing), but then I'm in the habit of making assumptions that I should not. So, to be clear: Dragons eat people and breathe fire and you should not sneak up on them, or try to feed them bread crumbs, or unexpectedly camera-flash them in the face or try to tie a leash around their necks to drag home so you can rub them and pet them and call them George ... in fact, you know, you should probably just not disturb them in any way.


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