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Best of/Worst of for "The Harvest"

I'm taking a small break here from the next movie review I'm doing right now. That will be for a 1961 murder drama called "Anatomy of a Psycho" starring Ronnie Burns (who?), in between running loads of laundry. Yes, this is my life - will the glamor ever stop?!

I'm also staring at Angel #22 and BTVS: S8 #22, both of which would like to stop sitting near the computer and get scanned and reviewed and already... shut up Angel & Buffy!

For right now though, let's continue with the much easier Character Best of/Worst of featurette with the part II of our series opener instead.

The Harvest (best of):

Buffy: Oh, there can be no question that Buffy's finest moment was in using her brains to outwit The Master's Vessel (vampire-Luke) with her "you forgot about sunlight", "it's in about nine hours, moron" riff.

Willow: Undoubtedly, Will's finest moment was telling Cordelia Chase to save her computer work by "delivering" it. She gets back a bit of what Cordy's been taking from her with her extreme bitchiness for the past episode.

Xander: Following Buffy into the warren of tunnels to retrieve Jesse took some balls in addition to loyalty.

Giles: Rupert doesn't get any real chances here to show off. I'll give his finest moment his emphatic telling to Xander that Jesse is dead. It was harsh, but it was necessary to keep Xan alive, since he and Willow insisted on accompanying Buffy.

Cordelia: Cordy doesn't get any good moments, either. She is funny when relating the overblown story of Buffy grabbing her at The Bronze to Harmony... before she ruins the funny by being unnecessarily horrible to Willow.

Angel: I am going to include Angel in these things... but until after his secret comes out, because until then he's just the irritatingly vague guy and gets zero good moments. I am impressed how he can 'hide' in a shadowed corner of a sunlight lit mausoleum in a bright white shirt and not be spotted or detected by Buffy and Xander, though  *roll of the eyes*

The Harvest (worst moments):

Buffy: The Slayer's complete helplessness before Luke (continuing from WttH's ending scene) is pretty pathetic. If Luke hadn't just happened to brush his big, clumsy hand across the huge, clunky crucifix Angel gave her, was she just going to continue lying there?

Willow: Will's inability to narrow her search parameters to something like say, "The Harvest", vampire is should be extremely unhelpful in finding out the bad guy's ultimate plans. She's saved by the writers.

Xander: Xan whines. He whines when Buffy warns him and Willow from getting any more deeply involved in the danger she is facing by sarcastically telling Buffy he gets it, he's not a man, blah-blah. Shut up, Whiny-Xander.

Giles: For being a trained Watcher, Giles does a horrible job of watching his back in The Bronze. It's a good thing that Willow was there with a jar of holy water, or Darla would have had him deaded... dumb-ass.

Cordelia: I hate Cordy telling Willow she doesn't but into Will's conversations, because she's boring. Not only was it mean, but she says it in such a hateful tone of voice that she's just a really hideous bitch. Too bad, because she was pretty funny until that moment.

Edited just to say that I am still working on this 74 minute movie... it's a LOT of dialog, dialog, dialog and is boring me as I try to describe what is basically one man whining and his sister telling him to stop it ... over and over.


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