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Best Of/Worst Of Moments....

Once upon a time, in a post which I did a very quick scan for, can't find and am not hunting down now, I was going to try to list my favorite Buffy moments of each episode. Well, that quickly swamped me because there are SO MANY EPISODES. I just did not realize!

So, while taking a break from Some Assembly Required which is frankly making me a bit ill thinking about (I shouldn't have eaten pizza while watching it), I thought I would start a new feature called Best of/Worst of Moment. This could be considered a meme, I suppose, but it is more of a featurette, I think, here at harsens-rob.

Obviously, we'll start with Welcome to the Hellmouth (BTVS, 'natch), but it is likely that I will add this to all of my series reviews as I have a minute here and there. I'm going to limit myself to the main cast for simplicity's sake:

Welcome to the Hellmouth (best moments):

Buffy: Buffy doesn't get any very strong moments here, being the new girl and trying to navigate her way around and basically working on making sure she's an outcast from the very start. I think I'll go with her snarky, but observant scene in The Bronze when Giles wants her to hone, but she finds the vampire in their midst her own way.

Giles: In this earliest of earliest episodes, Giles is far too Watcher-guy to come off looking well, too. That makes 'finest moment' something of very faint praise, indeed. I'll go with: Also The Bronze mezzanine scene in which he makes fun of 'clown hair' on stage, foreshadowing that he'll be able to return Buffy's sarcasm, despite his stiff British-y-is-ness ... wow, that's a word.

Xander: Accompanying Buffy, who he has reason to think is a bit of a nutter, to the mausoleum on the off chance that Willow actually is in danger. He's rushing in to grab Willow and Jesse and escort them out, despite the extreme vampireness of the abductors.

Willow: Finest moment for wallflower and doormat Willow? Hmmm... a challenge in this first episode. I'm going to say Willow's self-confidence in going to The Bronze all by her lonesome with a "I don't care" attitude. Does she hide herself in a corner, or crowd by the front door so she can make a quick exit, embarrassed? She does not. She sits right up at the coffee/cocoa/snack bar.

Cordelia: Well, Cordy is much too mean-spirited (if mostly funny) to have many chances at nice moments. But, she does offer to share her textbook with the newly arrived Buffy, unbidden. She probably had ulterior motives, since we'll find out later she already heard the rumors that Buffy was from L.A. -- so much cooler than Sunnydale -- but it was still a nice moment of her not cutting other people down.

Welcome to the Hellmouth (worst moments):

Buffy: Buffy isn't always so observant. Her pathetic ability to miss that she spilled her secret anti-vampire stake on the hallway floor, despite it being about as big and thick as a fence post wasn't very suave of her.

Giles: Giles first meeting with Buffy is awful. Rupert should be the exact person who would know better than to sneak up quietly on Buffy and then tap her on the shoulder. He should have been reflexively decked right there. And then there is the horribly awkward way that his initial greeting is delivered.

Xander: Oh, lovable geek, Xander. I'll have to say Xan's out of control skateboarding... not only is it clumsy and ill-considered, but it is obvious that he simply can't ride the damn thing. Stop risking collisions in a crowd for no purpose.

Willow: Oh, Willow! There is geeky-uncoolness and then there is stupidity - telling Cordelia Chase that your mom picked out your outfit, despite Cordy's oh-so-heavy sarcasm? Yeah, I kinda sympathized for just a second with Cordy's being mean to you... just for a second.

Cordelia: Oh, Cordy! There's bitchy-but-amusing, and then there is just plain mean spirited and unfunny. Cordelia crosses way over that line at the water fountain when she accosts Willow, without prompting, about her clothes. And that cutting remark about Willow's 'guy magnet' status was hitting below the belt, just because she isn't Ms. Big Dater, Cheerleader Tramp girl. For shame.

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