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I have another BTVS/Supernatural X-Over Recommended Fic

Okay, was it really necessary to make that Subject line so long... no, but shut up anyway: - )

So my recommend is this fantastically long, but so well written (if you can ignore the spelling mistakes we all make - and don't seem to notice no matter how much editing and re-reading we do) that I have no problem telling you to take a few days and get into it. The author is SweetChi and her story is titled Gone.

It covers the summer of Buffy being in L.A. after Angel's trip to Acathla-Hell (in flashback) all the way through Supernatural's S1!

Nothing is perfect, of course... in addition to the spelling errors (it's not like they're in every chapter, but a few of them completely change the meaning of the sentence and are funny and distracting), there's some really short-shrift to the Scooby Gang. I know a lot of folks like it when Buffy gives them hell for throwing her out of the house. Since I hate that almost-immediately-fixed-and-utterly-stupid-plot-point, and would like to try to just forget it ever happened, I don't. Especially since Buffy really leaves the Gang in her rear view mirror, so we don't get the usual Scooby-fight-make up-fuzzies at all. Also, if you think that Kenn was a giant, irredeemable bitca, you'll like this too -- again, for me, not so much.

But I love Buffy, Dean, Sam, Faith and even John Winchester in this story. The voices are spot on, as is their attitudes. I also love the hewing to Supernatural's S1 plots, without being enslaved by them, that allows Buffy to interact with Dean and Sam but not immediately overpower their arcs with her Slayerness.

It just works so well, that by the time that Buffy actually meets up with Sam and Dean, I feel like I haven't been rushed into it or that the Winchesters have been slighted in any way.

So, the main pairings here are Buffy/Dean... but there is a bit in the last chapter indicating Faith gets a possibly-more-than-casual relationship developing and Sam get the werewolf chick (he doesn't have to shoot her) with a shout out to Oz along the way.

There are some angsty and pretty brutal scenes you should be aware of. We have two major Buffyverse character deaths (and yet, Buffy still doesn't pick up a phone and reconcile with the Gang - which I was really looking forward to) and Buffy in Supernatural-Hell at the hands of Alastair, which basically puts her in Dean's place for several chapters that are harrowing reading.

There is also some minor Spike and Angel bashing, but it's from Dean's POV, so appropriate. But the writing is so strong, that I easily kept with it, even through the stuff that I wasn't enamored with. 4.50 out of 5 stars -- great work.

Oh, and Happy New Year, too!
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